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       MPCA Cutting Haze in the BWCA
Date/Time: 05/26/2018 04:42AM
MPCA Cutting Haze in the BWCA

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tremolo 02/29/2012 05:50PM
wind. no mountains to hinder the migration of haze.

We can draw lines on our man-made maps, but wind doesn't navigate like we do. She is a free spirit.
fitgers1 02/29/2012 08:30AM
How are they going to stop the smog from California from drifting in?
I-Hawk 02/29/2012 07:39AM
Haze is a nature occurring event in nature. Dirt, moisture, and even smoke from wild fires cause haze. "Cold clear crisp day" is still a common expression used during the winter months of Minnesota.
Sierra1 02/29/2012 07:00AM
Where are the coal fired plants and taconite plants that are close to the BWCA, Voyagers and Isle Royale? Are the coal plants in Canada? Aren't the taconite plants along the North Shore and near Grand Rapids? Unless I'm not seeing something these plants are not near the area in question. Just wonderng...
tremolo 02/29/2012 05:53AM
Thanks for the link Gmon. The natural causes are human. Human need/human nature. Isnt it wonderful that humans can create, invent, innovate, and calibrate/ modify, redesign, investigate, recreate...

Stumpy 02/29/2012 12:28AM
Just get it over with, and outlaw everything.
gsfisher13 02/28/2012 11:56PM
What are the natural causes of haze? Let's hunt them down too!!
bojibob 02/28/2012 06:42PM

In 2064, I will be 103.

I won't be paddling but I still like to see a "plan" that is way overdue.


If the USFS figures out that they need to cut permits by at least 50% the BWCA may have it going on :-)
gutmon 02/28/2012 04:25PM