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      OT.......Yakima Rack...stripped qtower bolt head......


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05/12/2009 09:49AM

I was working on my Yak Rack, and stripped out the Hex bolt that is used to tighten the q tower to the rack......

Is there any way to "fix" the stripped bolt. It looks like some type of cam, and before I go any buy a replacement Q-tower, I figured I'd ask.....


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Arkansas Man  
05/12/2009 12:16PM
I think I would ask Yakima if they had a replacement bolt, or cam if it can be replaced rather than buying a new tower unless there is no other way!

05/12/2009 01:40PM
Hard to say without seeing it, but...

I've fixed all types of stripped and rusted/busted screws and stuff with a drill bit that is designed for it. They're cylindrical and have ridges on them, used to "catch" the sides of a problem screw. There are kits of these, with different size bits and can be found at any home store.

First, you drill into the bolt/screw. The size of drill bit you use depends on the size of the screw/bolt. Then you take one of the special bits and hammer it gently into the hole you've drilled. Again, the size of the bit will depend on the size of the hole you've drilled. You will se a bit that is just a bit larger than the hole you've drilled.

The bit should "stick" inside the bolt. You then fasten your drill onto the bit, select the reverse drive, and slowly work it out. If it doesn't work the first time, just tap the bit in again and try it again.

Hope this helps.

05/12/2009 02:02PM
Do you have the towers that mount on an existing roof rack or to the rain gutters. I have a set of towers(4) for rain gutters that I do not need.
05/14/2009 11:46AM
I agree with Arkansas Man, as I have had a couple issues over the years with my Yakima stuff, and their customer service has always been wonderful.

Also, I may have some spare Q towers if it comes to needing a new one, which have a value of $0 to me.

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