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Date/Time: 01/19/2019 09:45PM
New Mn Northern Pike Regs 2018

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shock 12/08/2017 12:57AM
i'm fine with the new regs , but it is tough to do a blanket cover over all lakes in a general area as others have stated , the lake itself does need a certain make up to produce quality pike , and most are , forage base-oxygen-and cool deep water or spring feed type feed lakes that produce cooler water that are not as deep as BW type lakes . i do usually release pike over #8 , but pike is one of the best tasting fish , especially out of clean waters. the wife never enjoyed eating pike but now that there boneless she loves pike !
so i knew this guy who said i dont even want a slimey pike on the end of my line . one day he was over and i was frying up some pike , gave him boneless pike , asked him how he like it , said it was excellent , i said " Al your eating pike"
Basspro69 12/07/2017 09:14PM
quote DeanL: "I'm optimistic that this will help the pike size structure a lot. " I agree, and it should also help the rest of the fishery. Having large apex predators maintains and improves the panfish population size structure also.
Pinetree 12/07/2017 08:29AM
I think it is a good attempt to improve the Northern pike size. No one regulation will not work entirely on all lakes but the goal is to improve the majority. Ecosystems are so complex and than throw in the angular bias of what he keeps.

As of now individual lakes which have special Regs will maintain them for the near future.
bassnet 12/07/2017 07:56AM
Reminds me of similar regulations put on several of our(Oklahoma) in years past. These lakes were overrun with small bass, s they allowed 10 or 15 bass under 13 inches to be kept, none between 13-16, and a few(don’t remember the #) over 16. The reasoning is/was to remove stunted little ones, hopefully allow big ones to prosper. Research on bass showed that female bass between 13-16 inches produced the largest amount of viable eggs. THis management. Has resulted in Lake Tenkiller returning to top form, with springtime tournament 5 fish limits rebounding from 10-12 pounds to 18-22 pounds. This slot length has worked on bass, hopefully it will work on Pike too!
old_salt 12/06/2017 07:14PM
Keep all the hammer-handles you can.
I-Hawk 12/06/2017 05:52PM
I'm not a believer in the rule because it totally ignores lake studies and applies the rule to all lakes. I'm in the northwest living on a lake with a good pike population in the medium and large ranges. I think the the one pike over 30" is now two pike. More big fish will disappear. I was at a DNR meeting two years ago and told us that the district approach was used rather than a lake by lake approach because several years back a 100 lake cap was placed on pike regulations. Wow talk about not applying science to their decisions. It was pointed out that specific lakes with pike special regulations did not increase either the medium or large ranges and the hammerheads still dominated after more than 10 years of special regulation. One of my concerns is to the walleye population decreasing with fewer pike being harvested. Since studies are done every 10 years and legislative action is required this could take decades to reverse. It is a stupid way to improve fish populations when lake surveys could be used and special rules applied to specific lakes.
arctic 12/06/2017 02:34PM
quote DeanL: "I'm optimistic that this will help the pike size structure a lot. "

+1 Absolutely.
QueticoMike 12/06/2017 07:49AM
Thanks for sharing!
mastertangler 12/06/2017 06:37AM
I much prefer to clean and eat pike in that 30 to 33 inch class. They are easier to clean since the Y bones are a bit more developed and not so easily sliced through. And, more importantly I like the thickness of the results of the meat. Those top backstraps on bigger pike are about as good as fish gets IMO. You get to start to really appreciate the texture of pike with larger peices which is so much firmer than most other fresh water fish.

Plus I get lots of Emails and Christmas cards from other fish who often felt terrorized by these toothy torpedos and were glad to see them go.

Of course such fish (30"-33") are a dime a dozen in canoe country. I would be opposed to being able to keep large pike as they are females and spawners. If one wants a mount reproductions are readily available.
Pinetree 12/05/2017 09:30PM
quote DeanL: "I'm optimistic that this will help the pike size structure a lot. "

North Central zone:
I think it has potential. There is no one fix all for all lakes. Some lakes just don't have a good forage base and just too good of a spawning area for northern pike. Also a 22-26 inch slot is probably as good as you can get in some lakes you will get a buildup of males in that length group and most won't grow out of it. Any lake a 30 inch male is a big northern pike.
Also a 10 fish northern pike limit has been tried before and it is rare anyone wants 10 northern pike with lengths in the teens and up to 22 inches.
I do wonder who needs two northern pike over 26 inches tho?

The northeast zone doesn't protect males much at all(meaning most males will be under 30 inches-not all) with you being able to keep northern pike under 30 inches and than hopefully enough females will make it to 30 inches and grow bigger. It will work on some lakes,how many will have to wait and see?
I wonder how many people keep that 30-40 inch northern pike now? One over 40 inch you can keep. Most people release those now. BWCA users should be fine with this rule.

You have to try something,so this is good. Perfect no. There is just so many variables determining northern pike and each lake a little different.
But hope this regulation will be under constant review and if not working change it. It probably won't change for 10 years at least.
DeanL 12/05/2017 08:56PM
I'm optimistic that this will help the pike size structure a lot.
walllee 12/05/2017 07:16PM
Although I haven't kept a Northern in over 25 years , I think the new regulations will be good for those who do.
Pinetree 12/05/2017 04:28PM