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Date/Time: 10/03/2023 03:07PM
Halliday Lake

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OutdoorEnthusiast79 06/15/2022 05:29AM
Thanks for the info. That gives me an idea of what to expect. I might try and push on a bit that day or even stay on Elizabeth. I guess I'll have to see how that day goes.
PineKnot 06/13/2022 10:22AM
Was in Halliday a few years back. Portaged in from Sturgeon during a high water period. Portage landing was flooded into the woods for about 30 yards. Trail was a mosquito-infested uphill slog for a ways. The island site was nice, but "crusty" duff....hadn't been used for quite some time. Lake was quite shallow and very tannin stained, even more so than Elizabeth if memory serves. So I just passed thru instead of fishing. Tried Elizabeth, but only a few small smallies....Walter was much nicer....
OutdoorEnthusiast79 06/13/2022 06:12AM
Just wondering if anyone has been to Halliday Lake between Elizabeth and Sturgeon. Thinking of camping on the one site there in a few weeks. Any information on the lake or the campsite is much appreciated.