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      Any specifics for LLC/Agnes/Oyster?     
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member (25)member
06/12/2018 09:25AM
I'm heading out on my first trip next Monday, and was curious if there's any specific lures/colors/presentations for these lakes. I will be targeting mainly walleye and smally's. My usual go to lures are jig w/ leech or plastic, and I'll throw a couple Mepp's spinners and crankbaits in the tackle box as well. Didn't know if there was a certain hot color or lure that works extremely well.
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senior member (56)senior membersenior member
06/13/2018 11:30AM
I’ve aleays read that Chartreuse works well up there. I caught a handful of walleye on a crankbait that color then I lost it in a snag. That’s the only thing I bought specifically for the bwca. Otherwise I just had some Xraps and others similar in design but not rapala’s. We fished two days on iron lake and ate our fill of fish both nights. I think where you fish is more important then with what Find rock ledges and fish the drop off
distinguished member(1841)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/13/2018 03:19PM
I'm sure you'll do fine

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