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07/15/2019 04:30PM  
Me and my girlfriend are doing my first solo trip this year, we got permits on south lake, and plan on heading east into Rat Lake, Then up into rose. Is there a current that usually travels west or am i just imagining that? i don't want that upper part of rat lake to be too difficult for the two of us if im traveling in eastward from south. Sorry if this is a stupid question but its been about 6 years since i was last there.
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distinguished member (147)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/15/2019 04:46PM  
East of Height of Land Portage between North and South Lake all the water is flowing gently eastward. However, there's no current on that long snakelike western arm of Rose Lake. You'll lift the canoe over a very narrow isthmus from Rat Lake onto Rose Lake (where a little cascade exits Rat Lake). Rat Lake is tiny - only a few hundred feet in diameter. It has a pretty campsite right next to the isthmus liftover. There used to be a huge swan nest on Rat Lake - not sure if it was active this year or not, but you will likely see several swans in the Rat/Rose area. Enjoy your solo (dual?) adventure on this delightful stretch!
07/16/2019 07:48AM  
Yup, what Kelso said. I'll just add that there is a very slight current flowing from Little Gunflint Lake into Gunflint Lake , assuming you're starting your trip from Gunflint Lake.
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