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01/13/2020 08:15PM  
Coming to the Ely area in early June for a bit of smallmouth fishing. Too old to sleep on the ground, besides bringing my wife, SIL and BIL, so we'll be basing out of a cabin/resort. Been there once but still green horns to the area....

So not so much looking for info on the La Tourell Resort as looking at smallmouth fishing opportunities from there. Info?? And what day permits do we need to try for that we can use a 25hp boat/motor on?? Also open to day canoe trips.

Thanks in advance..
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distinguished member(947)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/14/2020 09:22AM  
If you’re staying at LaTourell’s they will take care of the permits you need. Just tell them in advance what you’d like to do.

I would recommend heading up into Basswood via Prairie Portage and fishing all day up there. Squirrel island has always been a hot spot for eyes and smallies. If you’re looking for a canoe day trip, you could head over to Wind Lake via the 170 rod portage out of the west side of Moose Lake. Lots of smallies and Pike in Wind and some nice Island campsites for a shore lunch. Don’t discount Moose, Newfound and Sucker as well, lots of smallies and Wallskis in those lakes too.

The biggest walleye I’ve ever caught in that area came out of Moose (in the southern half, outside of the BWCA). I’ve seen people pulling in smallies from the island right across from the landing on Moose as well.

senior member (83)senior membersenior member
01/14/2020 06:08PM  
Snow bank lake is just up the road. Good overall fishing lake.
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