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03/21/2020 05:41PM
Selling my cedar strip Merlin. Comes in at 48.4 lbs. Stored inside. It needs someone new to enjoy it. $750.00. Southern Minnesota.
Length = 15.5 ft
Width = 31.5" at gunnels
Bow = 17.5"
Mid = 11"
Stern = 15"
Trumblehome width = 30.25"
Stern rocker = 2.5"
Bow rocker = 1.25"
Thanks, Todd
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03/22/2020 06:53PM
Good luck, that is a really nice boat. Wish I was closer...
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03/23/2020 08:10PM
Looks a lot like mine. How far south are you? Would be interested in seeing.
03/24/2020 11:12AM
pswith5, I am located in Waseca, Mn.
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