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04/16/2021 07:28AM  
yellowcanoe: "Teddy: "Thanks to all paddlers for the great comments. Very informed for the most part. Can anyone say what the average year to year death rate if for the Flu,type A and B ? I am wondering how the Flu compares with Covid. "

not even in the same ball park.. Google it

Flu deaths over recent years

I hope that your friends reconsider. Its their right not to be vaccinated but with rights come responsibilities and I am sure that if anyone in their family gets COVID and a family member dies they would regret that decision.

covid racked up 600,000 bodies in the US in one year. And left about 30 percent that lived but have horrid medical bills and are suffering from long term disability."

Have you ever thought about this:

The 1% to 2% number for COVID that is mentioned is based on confirmed cases, not on an estimate of all cases. Mortality for influenza is based on all cases. They also estimate the number of deaths from flu as the CDC does not require reporting of influenza deaths.

Mortality rates are calculated for a time period and according to the CDC, we should use their estimate of all COVID-19 infections as our denominator. I could only find 2020 estimates: 83.1 million total infections. All deaths involving COVID 19 in 2020: 382,191.

Here is the supporting doc:
Estimate of COVID cases for 2020

COVID deaths in 2020

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