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06/20/2021 07:40AM  

This forum was created to help people get information about covid impact on canoe country trips and travel. This is still impacting the Quetico and other areas so we will leave it up for now, but please keep it on-topic. This isn't a general political covid debate invitation.
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06/20/2021 05:11PM  

Savage Voyageur
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06/22/2021 06:11PM  
Sorry Adam, I tried a couple of times to keep that one on topic, but it kept getting away. People were posting everything Covid and not to my original question. Pretty Typical around here though. My campsite damage thread is now about smoking weed. Go figure.
member (38)member
06/22/2021 08:09PM  
Sorry for my contribution in the drift on that thread.
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06/27/2021 05:29AM  
In general, the risks of acquiring Covid relative to BWCA activity are quite low. However, risk remains present. We live in Kansas. Last September my brother-from Mobile, Alabama and I met for a 4 night trip in. My brother is a pediatrician and I am a pediatric wife is a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner...collectively we have had great exposure risk loads. Both of our households are well-informed and fastidious in this regard. Nevertheless, this meeting significantly increased the breadth of our exposure field. I picked up my brother in Minneapolis. We spent at least ten hours together in a vehicle and seven nights in close sleeping quarters. We were guided, ate from the same pots as our fellow travelers and handled the same gear. While we were conscientious, here, the/our risks were multiplied many times over.

Our household has been vaccinated for several months. However, many are not. We have resumed traveling to visit family and camping-but remain very cautious with our interactions with our fellow travelers. My wife and I continue to mask for much of our in public time-mostly as a reminder, as healthcare providers, to our fellow citizens that Covid remains a significant player. My wife and I, relative to the excellent efficacy of the vaccine, feel very safe. However, we interact with populations that include some who both are and will remain vulnerable. There are many things to consider a good citizen.
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