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08/09/2016 03:43PM
From member bwcadan:

The map is open. All depends on your ability and interests. We have taken trips into the Q to Kawnipi Lake early in this process. Gradually, the trips have been easier to take and now involve only one portage. Border lakes will be targeted in the future. As the ease of the trip has increased, so has the weight of what we take. We have looked at the entry points East to West and used several. Duncan Lake trice, East Bearskin, Ensign this year, and Tiger Bay via tow service from Crane. Other moderate trips before these easy destinations were taken. BWCA Agnes twice, North Bay, Argo Lake, and Adams come to mind.

Now days, I spend a lot of time getting to know the various camp sites in the general area we are going. The maps section here makes it easy to slot in a tentative destination once on the lake, and saves a lot of time when there. We have stayed on 3 to 5 star sites most of the time. "Good fortune has been our lot." Use the resources here in your planning.

As the need to cut back on travel has become paramount, we are now only using the BWCA. Not really a lot of destination trips to the Q which require very little in portaging. The fact of the case, you will see more canoes until you take in camp locations bays or behind islands. A 5 star on Ensign this year faced north and only a few fishermen/women and a few looking for the site were seen. Less than one a day total. Still, it is located about a mile or so from the rapids to splash lake. Bill and I do not really need great solitude since we are from St. Louis and Kansas City. What are a few canoes compared top city dwelling?
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