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08/29/2017 07:25AM
It looks to me that Hwy 599 goes right by Pashkakogan lake and the planning map shows an entry point there, so I assume there must be a landing close to the road. Thanks for the tip on North Albany Lodge. I did send them a message.

P.S. I feel your pain. Its been two years since my last canoe trip, so that's the reason for my early enthusiasm!

08/29/2017 09:09AM
Ice out usually occurs late in May. Around May 24th would be safe to head out, but contact the park office, or an outfitter. Mattice Lake Outfitters' Facebook page is very helpful at that time of year.
08/29/2017 09:57AM
WW - I don't have the planning map.
Could you post the coordinates of the entry point?
Then I can play around with google maps, etc.
08/17/2017 04:17PM
Can you point out Atikokiwam Lake for us. it doesn't appear on the topo in the Rockcliff Lake area.

08/25/2017 02:37PM
Don't have an answer to the question.
Just another Q: Where do you put in for that trip?
Uncle Phil or Shannon Lawr should have ice out info.
You might also contact North Albany Lodge.
They are right there on 599 and Pashkakogan Lake.
North Albany Lodge

P.S. I don't get a canoe trip this year so I just gotta keep posting. Bear with me, please. <-o
08/16/2017 12:58PM
Does anyone know if it is possible to travel from Atikokiwam to Rockcliff (possibly via Lowry lake). There is not a route on the Wabakimi project maps, but on the overall planning map it appears as though the water routes are close enough that it might be possible. Looking at doing a longer trip next summer possibly including this area in the route.

08/25/2017 07:55AM
Thanks for the information. A loop trip from Pashkakogan lake sounds like the ticket! Next Questions: 1) Are there any security concerns with leaving a car parked at the entry point for 2 weeks? 2) When is typical ice out in this area? Mid May?

Thanks again
09/07/2017 08:49PM
I have been on a number of May trips in the greater Wabakimi area and never found the bugs to be much of an issue. June is probably worse. Worse spot I remember was the outlet of Shabuskwia Lk. RTallent should remember since we were in the boat together. But then he was real busy nailing the brookies. The black flies were as bad as I ever experienced in the Wabakimi area.
09/05/2017 09:19PM
About one day. (No, I don't really know, but sure that some Wabakimi Project participants who have been there in May could answer).
09/05/2017 10:00AM
If Ice out is typically the end of May, how long before the insects get into full swing?
09/01/2017 01:58PM
I think this qualifies as a drive up access pont for Wabakimi.
I've added it the Drive Up thread.
09/01/2017 07:58AM
Ok, now you have my curiosity piqued. Having never been that far north in Wabakimi, what is the pipestone? a lake? I'm planning a 14 day trip, so any advice on what to see in the area would be appreciated
09/01/2017 04:51PM
quote Wabawho: "Ok, now you have my curiosity piqued. Having never been that far north in Wabakimi, what is the pipestone? a lake? I'm planning a 14 day trip, so any advice on what to see in the area would be appreciated"

Pipestone River is one way to access the Hudson Bay lowlands, and connect to other river systems heading north, like the Winisk. put-in for the start at the bridge crossing the Pipestone above Pickle Lake. this is not a put-in for Wabakimi, it's north of the Albany.

The cell tower access at Pashkokogan has been used via pickup truck ferry from Savant Lake, ask Cotton who to contact there. Pashkokogan is a very good place to start a long range trip if that happens to be what you're interested in. might see a boat or two on Pashkokogan, but once past the board portage, it's remote canoe country again.

if up to Pickle Lake, i would have stopped at the float plane service there and asked whether they ever picked up the pair of Souris boats we found cached and apparently abandoned.
08/31/2017 09:47PM
put-in is near the cell tower next to 599 where the river crosses at Pashkokogan. we flew into the small bay on the west side near the road to start our 21 day trip.

i went by 599 several weeks ago and wanted to run up to the Pipestone in the worst way, but time was against me.
09/09/2017 11:47AM
The blackflies (Simuliidae) use paring knives; those big flies (Tabanidae, for the bio-nerds) use machetes!
09/08/2017 05:31AM
I remember blackflies were pretty bad during late June/early July on the Ogoki River in 2015. We also had a real onslaught of horseflies and deerflies. At one time on a portage I had 15 of those suckers under the canoe with me while I slogged through ice cold ankle deep shoe-sucking muck and grass. But everything else about the trip was fine.
08/30/2017 10:50AM
I'm not looking at the planning map currently to see if there are actual coordinates for the entry point, but Hwy 599 crosses Pashkokagon lake at:
Lat: 50.966644
Long: -90.406494

I have contacted North Albany lodge and they do allow parking at their place and will provide the necessary permits.
09/07/2017 03:36PM
Black flies hatch 4-7 days
probably a good rough estimate would be anytime within 2 weeks after ice out...then they last another couple weeks
08/30/2017 03:35PM
OK. Looks like a put in on the east edge of that little slice of land over which 599 crosses.
08/18/2017 07:15AM
The primary reason that there are no connections between Atikokiwam and Rockcliffe is that they are on two different river systems, the Albany and the Misehkow. Tradition canoe routes would travel along those river systems and not cross over. The Wabakimi Project does not indiscriminately create canoe routes without evidence that portages have existed in the past, so no connection was made. We have recorded routes down the Misehkow from Rockcliff Lake to the where it joins the Albany, and the Albany along its length to the eastern end of our territory of interest at Abizotikitchuan Lake and the Opichuan River.

Two more interesting routes might be Pashkakogan Lake through McCrea Lake through Shoe Lake and Takeoff Lake, into Davies Lake then Rockcliffe Lake or Pashkakogan Lake to Greenbush Lake , Little Metig and Metig Lakes to Rockcliff Lake.

08/17/2017 09:01PM
plug in these coordinates on google maps:
51.163475, -89.911738
That will be right in the middle of Atikokiwam Lake.

Lowry Lake is at 51.068977, -89.834890.