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06/07/2022 07:27PM
Just put a hold on it from my library. Looks like quite a few titles available. Thanks!
10/19/2022 07:10PM
Thanks, just got it!
06/06/2022 10:10PM
This was a really good (and quick) read. The author was born a Sioux Indian who at age 15 followed his father’s wishes to become “civilized” by going to an English school and pursuing a career as a doctor. (Around late 1800s I believe)

The author wrestles with the ideals of Christianity and how they seemed so superior to his Indian spirituality, but then finds them almost nonexistent in the actual “Christian” society of the white man, via broken promises and exploitation by American government of indigenous people.

He also describes in familiar detail the beautiful Minnesota north woods and the allure of its unadulterated virgin (at the time) land.

“From the Deep Woods to Civilization” - only 89 cents for the Kindle version

I plan on reading more of his works.
06/07/2022 06:35PM
Thanks for the tip - sounds like a good read.