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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Listening Point - General Discussion :: Flying Moose sighted in Cottage Grove, MN
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01/30/2020 08:00PM
Nice meet and greet. Good guy. Maybe we will have a chance to do it again.

01/20/2020 04:35PM
Spotted the Flying Moose yesterday morning as I drove to church in Cottage Grove. You were on 80th street as we crossed over Hwy 61. Just curious who it might be that shares the town I call home?
01/20/2020 04:41PM
Hey, that was probably me. I have a flying moose on two vehicles. I live a few blocks from that intersection. I am always interested in getting together with folks to chat about the BWCA.

Savage Voyageur
01/21/2020 01:19AM
I was just going to say that was probably Pete.
01/21/2020 08:46AM
Savage Voyageur: "I was just going to say that was probably Pete. "

Me too! Haha!
01/20/2020 09:45PM
Cool Pete, I'll send you a private message and maybe we can go hit the Muddy Cow sometime. Either way, it was nice seeing the logo in town.