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03/28/2020 05:16PM
That is a nice buck
03/27/2020 12:46PM

Went up to deer camp last Sunday to brush up some Turkey blinds. Took down a few trail camps from hunting season. Put up a few more for turkey season. This guy made it thru the season... kinda looks like a framed print for the wall.
03/28/2020 01:20PM
Nice! Great photo.

We had more big deer survive the season that we've ever had around my place. Several 4 & 5 yr olds made it, and a half a dozen 3 years olds we've been eyeing.

Also saw a small buck two days ago with intact headgear - pretty late for that.
03/27/2020 01:29PM
I think I'd be looking for the sheds! Good Luck.
03/27/2020 03:35PM
Man, what a buck.
03/27/2020 04:55PM
And where is this again? :-)
Savage Voyageur
03/27/2020 05:03PM
The elusive 10 point Buck, very nice.
03/27/2020 09:22PM
Great shot. Not that you need it, but that'll get you back out there next year. :)
03/28/2020 06:30PM
It's almost like he knew the camera was there and wanted to strike a perfect pose.