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07/11/2020 04:36PM
I agree with Karl (though he explains it better than I could). Notice the decal is a negative of the original - The letters, loon, and background are all reversed. Piragis canoe decal
07/12/2020 04:46AM
Try one of these!!

07/11/2020 05:02PM
Karl you are probably right. I'm wondering if I should try and get a couple new Piragas decals to make it look right?

07/11/2020 09:17PM
fishonfishoff: "Karl you are probably right. I'm wondering if I should try and get a couple new Piragas decals to make it look right?


The loon part anyways if that’ll bother you. What layup? Is it ultralight or flexcore?
07/11/2020 10:34PM
Its sun damage. I bought an old second hand SR from a friend that had been an outfitter boat. I removed the decals and found the same thing. Not much to do about it. It will fade eventually.
07/11/2020 10:51PM
You could always make your OWN FishOnFishOff logo and paste it over that spot. Maybe do some cool graphic, like a walleye eating a Muskie eating a bass or something?
07/11/2020 12:57PM
I'm not certain, but I think what you're seeing is where the Sun/UV has discolored or degraded the color of the layup through the lighter portions of the original decal.
And what you're feeling is where the outer skin has literally oxidized leaving the unaffected area full "height" from being protected by the original decal.
07/11/2020 12:40PM
I'm trying to remove the decals off my We-no-nah getting ready for the sanding and recoating. The decals come off with some effort and a hairdrier but leave the very bottom layer. You can still read the decals and feel the decal. I carefully tried sanding, laquer thinner, and "Goof Off", with limited success.
Is there some trick to get the entire label off?

07/12/2020 09:40AM
Michwall2: "KarlBAndersen1: "Try one of these!!


I just sanded down my Wenonah Kevlar yesterday and applied a coat of spar varnish. Adding my decals later today!
07/12/2020 08:29AM
KarlBAndersen1: "Try one of these!!

07/12/2020 01:33PM
KarlBAndersen1: "Try one of these!!

I got one flying moose left and it is going on to.
07/13/2020 12:16PM
Yep... Like others have posted, it's sun fade. I have an old rental canoe myself and tried and tried and tried to remove the sun fade. I ended up covering it with my stickers.
07/13/2020 02:23PM

07/13/2020 07:17PM
If you can still feel the decal I suggest that you try acetone and a rag. I recently bought a used canoe in Ohio so it came with all kinds of Ohio registration decals and Goo Gone helped but acetone took the rest right off. I don't know how nasty acetone is so my canoe got a thorough washing with Dawn right after the acetone.