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11/27/2020 06:33AM
Probably the answer is obvious, but Minnesota recognizes a valid canoe registration from any state, correct?
11/27/2020 07:19AM
Yes, they do.

11/27/2020 04:59PM long as the boat is not kept in MN for more than 90 consecutive days. Over 90 days requires MN registration regardless of where the owner lives.
11/27/2020 08:09AM
...and if your home state doesn't require canoe registration, MN no longer requires that you register your canoe with them to paddle within the state.

11/30/2020 10:45AM
THEGrandRapids: "Does the DNR patrol for canoe registration and fishing licenses?"

11/30/2020 09:34AM
How much scrutiny do rangers give you? It's a state issue, not a federal issue. I've never been checked while in the BW. I figure if you camp is in good order and you have the proper permits, that's all they are concerned about. Does the DNR patrol for canoe registration and fishing licenses?
12/01/2020 07:18AM
OK, thanks for the info, as long as I dont strap a motor to it I will go regestration free.
11/30/2020 12:34PM
We've been checked once by DNR. It was on the creek between the EP1 entry point and Kawishiwi lodge. They were checking for registration, fishing licenses, and PFDs. Our brief chat lasted about 30 seconds because they could see our registration tags and PFDs and believed us when we said we didn't fish. The lack of any fishing poles probably helped with that.
11/30/2020 12:42PM
We were checked last year by the MN DNR. I'm from Indiana (unfortunately) and they asked if it was my canoe and if my state requires registration, which it does not. Very nice guys.