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01/08/2021 11:23AM
Here, hopefully I can get back up there this year.

01/17/2021 05:42PM

Still alive, back from a boat ride north for the last 6 months. Been a long ways from the BWCA but here's one from Mt. Adams in the Whites in 2019.
01/17/2021 09:59PM

Hey friends, been absent from the site since my September trip. Hoping to get paddles wet in 2021, but no plans yet. Keep it open side up!

01/23/2021 08:02PM
As my friends would tell you...
"He's not here"
01/07/2021 07:23AM
01/06/2021 01:57PM
Present. While I stayed around Wisco for all of my trips this year I'm really hoping to make it back to the BWCA for some trout fishing this spring.
01/20/2021 08:26AM
Here, hoping the mess that was the BWCA in 2020 does not repeat in 2021.

01/24/2021 08:17AM
Stumpy: "As my friends would tell you...
"He's not here""

:) Made me think of this Zombies classic
01/28/2021 10:20AM

We made it through reservation day. We will see you in June.
01/07/2021 02:59PM
I'm present and somewhat accounted for!!! Looking forward to paddling weather again!

01/07/2021 06:18PM
Hello. New here this year. In gear buying mode for next season
01/31/2021 11:14AM
Back again after a few years of "life"

01/07/2021 01:56PM
Still around.

Still around.

Addie and me enjoying the morning at Clark Lake Campground in Sylvania Wilderness during 10th Annual Darryl Bathel Memorial Paddle Gathering. Not my kayak.

Seeing friends off for paddle on Clark Lake in Sylvania, Sept. 2020

01/01/2021 05:57PM
Happy New Year everyone!
Looking forward to views like this in 2021!

01/01/2021 11:17PM
01/01/2021 06:57PM

Present. Happy New Year and thank you everyone here for your bountiful information, knowledge, conversation and topics covered.
Very much appreciated!

01/01/2021 09:44PM
Yup I'm counting on 2021 being a better year !!

01/03/2021 10:25AM
Here - looking forward to another paddling season!

01/01/2021 06:31PM
I'm here and Happy New Year everyone!
I'm looking forward to making several trips up north in 2021!
01/01/2021 06:54PM

Michigan Man here! Pic is a recent hike with my son. North Country Trail, Manistee National Forest. Check out my son's lid- he stole my hat for the hike! Happy New Year everyone!
Savage Voyageur
01/01/2021 07:58PM
Present and accounted for.
01/01/2021 11:11PM
Still hanging around! Planning a 2 wk trip in late July, doing lots of snowshoeing and waiting for soft water....
01/03/2021 11:23AM
Happy and Healthy New Year to y'all!

Turning 69 and retired 12/31. Looking forward to lots of paddling and pedaling and hopefully a BWCA trip this year.
01/01/2021 07:37PM
Happy to be here.

After our 1st trip in 2019 and our 2nd trip in 2020, we're planning 2 trips this year - spring and fall.
01/01/2021 07:42PM
I am here and sharing the desire to see the border reopen by soft water time.
01/01/2021 08:31PM
Still here and looking for more adventures in 2021. Thanks for keeping me entertained during a horrific 2020.
01/01/2021 08:49PM

Planning a trip for late May.
01/01/2021 11:54PM
Still alive and kicking. Can't wait until August!
01/26/2021 01:35PM
Ready for a new year!!!
01/01/2021 07:59PM
Happy New Year!
Keep smiling, whatever 2021 has in store!

01/03/2021 07:33AM

Happy New Year to all.
01/03/2021 12:55PM
Happy New Year all! Hoping and planning for a trip to Wabakimi this summer (fingers crossed re: border)!
01/02/2021 08:17AM
Still here and hoping for an open border by July!!

01/02/2021 07:10AM
Still here.
01/02/2021 07:46AM
Cheers from Quartzsite, AZ

01/02/2021 08:41AM
I'm around.

01/02/2021 08:43AM
Still here! As effed-up as 2020 was in general, the worst things that happened to me were: 1) not getting to go to the BWCA, and 2) aging another year. All in all, it could have gone much worse than it did.
01/02/2021 09:00AM
Present and starting to plan two trips this summer!
01/02/2021 09:09AM
Here and planning on 2 trips this year!
01/02/2021 09:23AM
Happy New Year to one and All!

01/02/2021 09:56AM
Still paddling...well once the ice goes out.
01/13/2021 03:51PM

Still here and fishin'...
01/24/2021 08:37AM
boonie: "Stumpy: "As my friends would tell you...
"He's not here""

:) Made me think of this Zombies classic "

Woah--NICE high school flashback! Thanks for the memory.

Big Tent
01/02/2021 10:27AM
Still here. Looking for my first solo trip this year.

01/02/2021 10:46AM
Looking forward to what 2021 holds for all.

01/02/2021 11:17AM
I am still here.
01/02/2021 01:32PM
Happy New Year All! Still here and hoping 2021 is A Much better year!
01/03/2021 09:15AM
01/13/2021 03:11PM
Took a leave of absence, but I'm back and planning a BWCA trip sometime in May or early June.

A cold, foggy, October morning on Lake Monroe in Indiana.
01/02/2021 11:43AM
Flush 2020 down the drain.
Put on your happy boots
2021 were gonna need them.

Hello to all.
Best wishes and good luck to ya.
01/05/2021 12:55PM
Present and accounted for!
01/05/2021 04:56PM
Still here and hope to make it there this year!!
01/01/2021 02:33PM

01/01/2021 03:44PM
Present and hoping the border will open by fall.

01/01/2021 05:41PM
Present. Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year. Seems certain to be a better year than last.
01/01/2021 06:24PM

01/02/2021 08:19AM
Present and hoping for a better year.
01/02/2021 09:19AM
Still kickin'! With the new year arriving, starting to think about trip planning for this spring and fall.... :-)
01/02/2021 09:21AM
I'm here. Wishing I was there.

01/04/2021 09:32AM

Good morning and Happy New Year to all paddlers!

01/13/2021 09:02AM
Still hopping on
01/13/2021 02:46PM

Yo from Nashville!
01/13/2021 10:54PM

Here and planning future trips as always.

01/02/2021 03:05PM
Here all the sparingly. 2021-the only way to go is UP!
01/02/2021 04:07PM
Still kicking hope to make it up north this year
01/02/2021 04:10PM
And a happy new year to all
01/02/2021 04:38PM
Happy 2021 everyone!
01/02/2021 05:29PM
What a year. Was told two Fridays ago that the company I work for is going out of biz.
I finally broke up for good with my psychotic girlfriend, and my landlord told me he is thinking of selling the shack. So in a week, I lost my job, my girlfriend and maybe a roof over my head. Wow.

Had a new job by 9:00 am the following Monday after a 5 minute phone call. The rest will take care of itself. Very optimistic about this year. I’ll never die. Too much left to do.

01/02/2021 06:51PM

3 trips last year...lets see if I can beat that in 2021
Ready to go.
01/03/2021 12:44PM
Happy trippin' in 2021 to you all.

01/03/2021 01:00PM

Wish I was there.
01/03/2021 01:28PM
Here in Michigan as always. Last September we were at Rockwood Lodge in tiny little cabin #5, and we took a day trip from East Bearskin to Alder Lake one day. Hoping to get back up there in June of 2021.

01/03/2021 04:40PM
Boozhoo Everyone! This is the best community on the web and I hope you and yours are all doing well.
01/03/2021 06:05PM
Happy New Year to you all!

In planning mode, hoping for two trips this year.
Hope your planning and paddling season goes well and wishing you all the best.
01/03/2021 07:21PM
Accounted for
01/03/2021 07:38PM
Still hanging out here way too much. 2020 was a tough year with Covid and some other personal stuff but I continue to try to balance the fear and sorrow with optimism for 2021. If things go right this could be a banner year. If not...well we will make the best of it.

This community means a lot to me, I check it every day, usually several times. I value the knowledge, insights and experiences of all of you immensely - thank you all.
01/03/2021 09:06PM
Still here. No trips planned this year, so am looking forward to your photos and trip reports.
01/04/2021 07:52AM

Here from Maryland
01/03/2021 08:34PM
I'm still here. Went to Hog Creek / Perent Lake early last September. 35-45 mph winds for close to 10 days. It was a windy trip for sure. Cold too.

01/03/2021 08:39PM
OtherBob here, planning at least two BW trips, and maybe the Q, if the border gets opened.
As a priority vaccine recipient (over 75), I hope to get a head start on the 2021 rush to canoe country.
01/04/2021 09:51AM

Happy New Year everyone! I'm still here post-COVID and looking forward to Quetico opening up this season!
01/04/2021 05:20AM

Happy New Year from Burnsville, Minnesota! I am 332 miles from Seagull Outfitters and will (fingers crossed!) be there in August for my first ever solo trip!!

01/04/2021 08:54AM

Happy New Year
01/06/2021 09:38AM
Linden is still here with a couple new rescue dogs.
01/04/2021 10:52AM
We’re both past 70 this year, but haven’t missed yet.
Hopefully we can continue.
01/04/2021 11:20AM
Here and wishing everyone a great 2021.
01/04/2021 12:28PM

I'm around except for when I'm not.

01/07/2021 10:44PM
I'm still here, too. I check in frequently, but don't get time to post much right now.
01/08/2021 12:22AM

Keep smilin. Life is good.
01/08/2021 12:10PM
Doing well with a new hip. Missed last year for the first time in almost 30 years but can't wait to hit the BW in early June. Hitting the elliptical and power walking 5-6 miles a day to keep everything working. So far so good.
01/09/2021 05:35AM

Survived a bout with Covid-19 and the year 2020.

01/08/2021 04:43PM
Here, would rather be there. I did add a bird to my life list on my trip this year. A Gray-cheeked Thrush hopped right through camp during breakfast.
01/08/2021 04:47PM
Started using the site in 2020. I have 2 Quetico & 1 BWCA trip under my belt. Hoping for a couple more this year.
01/08/2021 11:03PM

01/12/2021 08:26PM

Here... mostly :)
01/16/2021 05:29PM
Here from down in the Ozarks. Looking forward to my next trip to the BWCA.
01/15/2021 11:46AM
Still 6 feet over....
01/15/2021 12:59PM
I am still around...

01/18/2021 07:11PM
Still here....lurking basically.
01/18/2021 07:49PM
Will be there with Southwestern Illinois Scout Troop in July. Can't wait to get back. Love the Gunflint Trail side.
01/18/2021 02:38PM
Hello BWCA Board and happy new year,

UP Boy here. Still alive and doing pretty good, not bad, can't complain.

Several trips canceled last year due to the Covid and the single trip we took last August got cut short by a Derecho storm that cut thru Cedar Rapids, Iowa on August 10 and knocked down most of the trees. I lost most in my yard.

Got several trips in the planning stage now for this summer plus a move to the Saint Paul area to get a little closer to the grandkids.

UP Boy
01/18/2021 02:52PM
here's to many more trips from Idaho to BWCA. at 68 and a knee replacement on the horizon - who knows? but it is always in my plans. summer of 2022?
01/18/2021 01:41PM

Hello all!

Be safe on the water this year!

01/18/2021 02:31PM
Hello and happy 2021 everyone; we made it this far and we can make it another year.
01/18/2021 02:45PM
All set for another amazing trip in 2021!
01/18/2021 02:51PM
Hello Everyone. I hope everyone is well. Let’s pray 2021 is better than 2020!
01/18/2021 02:59PM
May 2021 be your best BW trip yet!

01/18/2021 03:22PM

Happy New Year from the family!
01/18/2021 02:42PM
Happy New Year to all!
Can't wait to get back on the water -
01/18/2021 03:29PM
Hey All,

Nice to join you, I'm new! Been making a BWCA or Quetico Trip for the last 4-5 years but just got my first canoe! Excited for a couple of trips this summer, And I share the hope that the border will reopen sometime soon.


PS Also looking to aquire more basic gear, (tired of borrowing everything, time to give back) having fun piecing that together.

01/18/2021 03:53PM
Looking forward to a great trip this Spring. Wishing everyone a safe 2021!
01/18/2021 04:40PM
Still here... pop in to see what's happening once a week or so, but I don't post very often anymore.

I couldn't fit in a solo last year and big duckling changed up our daddy/daughter trip, but it was still special and a lot of fun. Instead of our annual bwca trip we stayed in a bunkhouse at Rockwood at the end of May for a few nights and did a bunch of dayhikes. Magnetic Rock, Centennial, Caribou Rock, Honeymoon Bluff, and Chic Wauk Museum Trails. These trails can be busy in the summer, but we didn't see anyone on any of our hikes.

The family did get to stay at a Cabin for a week at Rockwood in July and our unnual stay in Grand Marais for MEA Weekend/Moose Madness. We got in some daytrips to the bwca during those 2 trips. We also spent part of Christmas Vacation in Ely and the ducklings saw their 1st wild wolf .

Me and my 3 ducklings on the Caribou Rock Trail. The 2 teenagers are almost as tall as me......but sometimes they act like the toddler LOL.
01/18/2021 03:25PM

Present and accounted for! And a couple trip reports overdue. Best to all in 2021.
01/18/2021 04:08PM
Here, anxious to paddle....Tom Heinrich/Hayward, Wisconsin
01/18/2021 03:45PM
Stay Safe and Stay Warm!
01/18/2021 04:07PM
Still trundling along!

01/18/2021 04:11PM
I’m still around, been quiet the past couple years. I hope to do at least 2 trips this season. A friend just retired so now I won’t have to go solo anymore, (hopefully),
01/18/2021 05:06PM
Still too mean to die!

They had a few shots again this year but no luck.

Miss you all and stay safe.
01/18/2021 05:35PM
Greetings from Owatonna. Hoping everyone is healthy and ready for a much better 2021. I'm planning two solo trips to make up for no trip last year. :-( Hoping newbies and others will literally clean up their acts and respect Canoe Country.

Stay positive, test negative.

Chris Norbury
Pinus strobus
01/18/2021 04:55PM
Best wishes to all for a safe and happy 2021.

If you are considering making this year the one to give back to the wilderness, contact me regarding fun, rewarding trail maintenance trips to the Powwow Trail. Visit for more information or email me, Volunteer crew leaders are planning right now for spring trips.


Boundary Waters Advisory Committee (BWAC)
01/18/2021 08:19PM
Howdy everyone! Looking forward to 2021 and a return to (somewhat) normal.
01/19/2021 01:43PM
Still rock'n in the bwca.
01/18/2021 08:40PM
Hey everyone! Technically Rugged here, still as obsessed with the BWCA as ever, and can't wait to get back. Caught this gorgeous brookie (my first) during my Sept 2020 trip with my girlfriend who also caught her first brookie. It was a 9.5/10 trip, near impossible to top. I'm almost afraid that 2021 will have nothing but bad weather and tons of bugs to make up for the sheer bliss of the September trip.

Hope to see some of you out there this year!!

01/18/2021 08:50PM
Happy to be here. Looking forward to as many trips as I can make this year. My kids are getting old enough to join me, and I’ll take them along as often as they will go. Glad to hear from everyone. Here’s to 2021!
01/18/2021 07:54PM

Here on the home waters.
01/18/2021 08:31PM
Greetings and happy new year to all!
I hope all my old friends are doing well!
Hope to run into some of you on the portage this year!
See you on the water!
01/20/2021 11:11AM
I didn't travel at all in 2020, I don't know what 2021 will bring, but a day doesn't go by when I'm not thinking about my next trip to the BWCA!
01/20/2021 08:47PM
Still here...

01/20/2021 09:22PM
Still kickin and rona free.

Checking in because I got the email ordering me to...

01/20/2021 10:27PM
Still here and looking forward to two trips this year, one in June out of Ely and another in early August from Brule.
01/21/2021 11:45AM

Still here and liking this site for vicarious travel in cabin fever times. Did get a couple BWCA trips last summer, soloing for simplicity and safety... Stay safe and best in the New Year, everyone.
01/21/2021 04:21PM

Looking forward to a great 2021 in the wilderness, finally made the move from the cities to Cook County. Trips planned to Winchell before Memorial Day and Duncan in August for the "with kids" trip. Hoping for a few more as well and lots of weekend day trips in between.
01/21/2021 07:19PM
rtallent: "
Still here and liking this site for vicarious travel in cabin fever times. Did get a couple BWCA trips last summer, soloing for simplicity and safety... Stay safe and best in the New Year, everyone. "

Great shot of the flowers ... and you Ray.
01/21/2021 03:37PM
Hello all,

Looking forward to our first BWCA trip this year. I have found your posts incredibly helpful in planning our trip.
01/25/2021 01:40PM
Still Here. Hoping for a laker this year.
01/25/2021 07:51PM
Corndog: "Hello Everyone. I hope everyone is well. Let’s pray 2021 is better than 2020!"


Good to still see you around. Hows the travels to Japan been? We were set to go mid-covid and opted out which in hindsight seems just paranoid and stupid. We ate the whole cost of the flights.
01/25/2021 02:45PM
Basspro69: " Still around."
I’ve seen you somewhere... trying to remember.
01/25/2021 03:12PM
Basspro69: "
Still around."

Still fish the mine pits by Crosby?
01/25/2021 06:28PM
Pinetree: "Basspro69: "
Still around."

Still fish the mine pits by Crosby?"
Yes I do Pinetree fished Yawkey Pennington and Huntington this past fall just love this area for the last 30 years. It’s amazing the trails and the access improvement they have made in the last few years . This is where I caught my biggest Minnesota Brookie that was close to the state record
01/25/2021 04:11PM
Happy New Year everyone, counting the hours to 2021 permits opening now!
01/29/2021 07:47AM
Cheers !
01/29/2021 08:35AM

Like a bad penny. I keep turning up.
01/29/2021 01:15PM
I'm still here too much, and not in the BW enough!
02/01/2021 11:15AM
A month late, but I will continue to be here lurking and enjoying all of your trip reports!
02/02/2021 10:47PM
Here! ???????
02/03/2021 08:42AM
All good here in Duluth. Went to the BWCAW for the first time in winter - snowshoed to the pictographs on North Hegman Lake. Great experience. Two big BWCAW trips planned for 2021 - including doing the entire Crane Lake to Grand Portage border route. Bummed it sounds like my Canadian river trip (Kopka) will not happen for a second straight year due to closed borders, but I will have the Bois Brule, Lake Superior, and others close by for excellent day trips. Hope y’all have a very enjoyable paddling season.
02/07/2021 07:45AM
I'm still here and now with a new dog member in tow
02/07/2021 12:36PM
Still here. Because of covid missed going to Quetico last year and will miss this year. Last year was the first time missing in 30 years. Now at 76 years old Linda and I hope to be back next year. May not have many more years we will be able to go.
02/07/2021 06:33PM
Still here. Never been real active but have been around since 2004.
02/08/2021 10:35AM
Present and accounted for
01/05/2021 08:56AM
Still standing and happy to enter the depths of trip planning season.

Trip #1 planned for Sag area June 5-10.
01/05/2021 09:30AM
Looking forward to another solo trip spring or fall 2021.
01/18/2021 06:18PM

01/15/2021 11:41AM

Still hanging in there. Have one trip scheduled to Voyagers National Park and hopefully will get a couple trips into the Boundary Waters.

01/03/2021 08:23AM
Still kicking. Best wishes for all in this New Year.
01/03/2021 08:27AM
I'm still here and hoping for a trip to canoe country this summer. I hope everyone has a better year than the one we just passed through.
01/03/2021 09:37AM
I’m still here. Wishing everyone a better 2021!
01/03/2021 09:40AM
Happy New Year, everyone; keep shoveling.

01/01/2021 11:03AM
Happy New Year and Happy Trails to everyone for 2021!

Gives a shout-out on this thread if you are around or say hello if you are new.
01/01/2021 11:37AM

I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2021!
01/01/2021 02:48PM
Looking forward to 2021 and hopefully an open border.

01/01/2021 04:28PM
Still a-round. A little rounder than I would like to be. Hoping to get my customary 2 trips in this year. At least.
01/01/2021 01:02PM
Yep. Still kickin’.
01/01/2021 11:56AM
Wally13 present and accounted for Sir.
01/01/2021 11:58AM
Still hanging around.
01/01/2021 12:27PM
Phil/TX - Here from Texas. I feel blessed to have been able to go on 2 trips In 2020

01/01/2021 12:38PM

Still here and looking forward to doing some backpacking and canoeing this year.
01/02/2021 01:09AM
I am still here and patiently awaiting my covid shots. Happy New Year to all of you.
01/02/2021 03:45PM
Happy New Year everyone!
01/03/2021 09:35AM
Still here!

01/01/2021 12:14PM
Never been happier to be able to post that I'm still here. 2020 was hell. Looking forward to a better 2021. Cheers!
01/01/2021 12:27PM
I am here got a new hip on Wednesday hopefully will be able to trip in June or July
01/01/2021 01:39PM
We're here, and hoping for Quetico access in 2021...

01/01/2021 02:33PM
Still here and hoping that this is a year of healing.
01/01/2021 02:32PM
bh here. Kicking around enjoying life!
Fatter, ornery as always, having fun!

01/01/2021 02:49PM
Hanging in there--wake me up when the border's open again (Kahshahpiwi Lake).

01/01/2021 03:11PM
Happy new year!
01/01/2021 03:55PM
Wishing everyone many new adventures in 2021!
Paddle on!
01/01/2021 04:35PM
Please open that border so we can return.
01/01/2021 05:03PM
Still here and kicking hard. Happy New Year.
01/01/2021 05:19PM
Happy New Year, everyone!
01/04/2021 07:19PM

Still around. Almost packed for next BW trip. Figure if I leave now should roll into Grand Marais around middle of August! Just kidding, looks like I won't make it this year. Hope everyone has a good new year!
01/04/2021 05:44PM

Jackfish is here.
01/04/2021 09:52PM

Still here! Hope to make another trip this year!

01/04/2021 07:15PM

Here, surrounded by grandkids, reading Pip and Posy to the grandkids for the millionth time and waiting for spring!
01/04/2021 08:48PM
Still here. Bought our first Kevlar canoe in the fall and going to refurbish it this winter. Got a deer with my bow at the 11th hour of the late season and my son shot a great buck in October. Also lucked into my first turkey with a bow.
We tripped to Stuart Lake over Memorial Day and found it hopping full of people. Fun trip. Hoping to get to Crooked in early June. Stop and see us if you are in the St. Cloud area.

Savage Voyageur
01/05/2021 09:39AM
MHS67: "
Still around. Almost packed for next BW trip. Figure if I leave now should roll into Grand Marais around middle of August! Just kidding, looks like I won't make it this year. Hope everyone has a good new year! "

I like your powershuttle, but it might not work for portages in the BWCA.
01/07/2021 12:03PM
Still here. Last year was the first time we have not been to Quetico in 30 years. Hope the border is open this year. At 76 years old may not make many more trips. Tried to fly up but it is more trouble than driving from South Georgia.
01/05/2021 02:17PM

Alive and well. Looking forward to a probable mid-May trip, and hopefully at least one more...maybe September.

The photo was from October 12th on Upper Pauness.
01/05/2021 02:46PM

I am back and looking forward to 2021. Already planning my trips for the year.
01/05/2021 04:09PM
Here! Great trip in late September. Sold my share of the practice on Jan. 1st. Working till June 1st.......then part time till next Fall.....then done! Been fighting some plantar fasciitis and it sucks. I need to get it squared away by paddling season. Here's to a better 2021!

01/05/2021 05:35PM
Still alive and hoping to do two trips to the BWCA this year. Crossing my fingers that the border opens prior to our July Lac Seul trip that's been on the books for a year now.
01/05/2021 06:49PM
Savage Voyageur: "MHS67: "
Still around. Almost packed for next BW trip. Figure if I leave now should roll into Grand Marais around middle of August! Just kidding, looks like I won't make it this year. Hope everyone has a good new year! "

I like your powershuttle, but it might not work for portages in the BWCA. "

It definitely has its limitations! But it did do a good job fixing the road by the lake and transporting an old canoe I had, over to the shop to get a patch job. There was some talk around my family of me being a red neck. I can't imagine why?
01/06/2021 12:23AM

Present... waiting for the ice to melt.

01/05/2021 08:00PM
01/05/2021 08:02PM
Slowing some, but haven't stopped.
01/06/2021 06:14AM
Yep, still here.
01/05/2021 08:04PM
Happy New Year one and all! Still here occasionally but an insanely busy work life in 2020 has sadly curtailed my lurking. Happy to still be employed and have a healthy family. Elderly Mom with dementia and older brother - both high risk - survived COVID. Thankful my two adult kids are healthy as well. No overnight BW trips in 2020 but treasured cabin time up north with dear friends from Chicago. Spent a quiet small family Thanksgiving on the Gunflint Trail.

Looking forward to a BETTER 2021! We're becoming first time grandparents in the spring... just booked a long cabin weekend at Tuscarora for MLK... and hubby agreed to do the Lady Chain again this summer :-) so I am jumping on that one quickly! Hoping for multiple canoe trips this season. And planning annual cabin week at Rockwood with dear friends from Chicago. Our cabin weeks at Rockwood have turned me in to a kayak lover. Canoes are still my first choice and I can't wait to get back to the BW with my Northwind this summer.

01/05/2021 09:52PM

Still alive and paddling!

Hans Solo
01/06/2021 08:50AM
Still kickin'!
01/06/2021 08:46AM

Still here and making trips to the Northwoods.
01/06/2021 12:21PM
Still here, this will be my 18th year on the board :)
01/07/2021 01:35PM
New guy..."taking a dip"in the lake to toast all the members of this wonderful community...Best Wishes for a Healthy and Rewarding 2021!

Paddle on...Sierracup

01/06/2021 10:43AM
Newly joined member. I've been following this site for a while and it is a wealth of information and fellowship. Hope to be a contributor in the future.
Best wishes to all for a safe and prosperous 2021.
Arkansas Man
01/08/2021 06:53PM
Arkansas Man, still around and staying busy now that I'm retired! Hoping to make a trip this year if things work out! Happy New Year! May everyone have a blessed 2021~


01/08/2021 07:21PM

I'm still here and still listening to all of your wonderful advice. I love you all!


01/08/2021 08:08PM

Present. Had first Covid shot today. Happy to be heading back in July.

01/09/2021 07:49AM
Here! Looking forward to the wilderness even more this year! Hope all are safe and healthy.
Grandma L
01/09/2021 07:37PM

Yup, still here! Snowshoeing at our northern Minnesota cabin!

01/10/2021 08:52AM
plander: "
Survived a bout with Covid-19 and the year 2020."

Looks like a muskie like I've never seen before. What in tarnation IS that?
01/09/2021 07:07PM

Looking forward to paddling but in the meantime spending time exploring Yellowstone via snowmobile.
01/09/2021 10:14PM
Hanging in there through 2020, hope to survive 2021 but it's not off to a great start! Dreaming of open water and the best possible way to socially distance - canoe tripping!
01/10/2021 07:25AM
Happy New Year... I’m giving the go south for a bit in winter thing a shot... Maybe settle these hands down for a trip this year... Big thanks to housty9 and Lisa for taking me and putting up with me last may. I’m real excited to look forward to supporting Marks efforts on his hike this May. I’m enjoying my cabin on a truck...

01/10/2021 10:10AM
Hi everyone -

I'm still here and alive!

01/10/2021 09:27AM

Happy New Year. Just got back from a trip. No pictures of me, but here's my partner.

01/10/2021 09:57AM
TomT: "plander: "
Survived a bout with Covid-19 and the year 2020."

Looks like a muskie like I've never seen before. What in tarnation IS that?"

I think some muskies have that pattern, but certainly uncommon.
01/10/2021 11:24AM
Alive and just hanging out in the background. Pleasant and safe journeys for all in 2021.
01/11/2021 12:54PM
Still here. Hoping this year will be one of peace and prosperity for all.
01/15/2021 09:09PM

Occasionally wandering through!

01/16/2021 09:21AM
Still hoping to try it again
01/16/2021 11:37PM
still plan B but i might try for a permit to a easy lake.
last year was the first time since since 1976 i did not go anyplace

01/17/2021 05:01PM
Present and routes already planned for two trips this year.
01/18/2021 09:23PM

Still hanging around, got my pack by the front door.
01/18/2021 11:11PM
Still kickin'!
01/18/2021 11:25PM
floatstanley: "Hello all!

Be safe on the water this year!


Float is still here ??
01/19/2021 09:49AM
Present, ready for action!
01/18/2021 10:08PM
floatstanley: "Hello all!

Be safe on the water this year!


Ha! Float Stanley lives!
01/19/2021 10:19AM
Still here.
01/19/2021 04:35AM
Still here, in North Carolina. Not gonna make it up there this year. %^&* virus!

I found a place I can paddle in and camp locally called Lake James. It is no BWCA, but does at least scratch the itch a little.

Stay safe, stay sane, and leave no trace!

01/19/2021 12:52PM
Been a little while since I've been on the board, but still running around the west and doing well!
01/19/2021 05:03PM

Happy New Year everyone!
01/19/2021 07:22PM
Hey, I've been absent from the BW a few years due to health issues. I think I will now be able to return to paddling after receiving a much anticipated heart transplant last July. I had been listed for almost 5 years. Hoping to do as much of a paddle trip with minimal portaging.

Happy paddling.
Sink R' Swim
01/19/2021 07:28PM

01/19/2021 03:58PM
Twins87: "floatstanley: "Hello all!

Be safe on the water this year!


Float is still here ??"

After watching the Social Dilemma, Float realized that he was spending too much time on facebook and twitter, and not enough time on the water. Who is up for a trip!?
01/19/2021 04:04PM
Mr. Stanley.

If I get to go this year, i would be honored to take you along. I'm planning a solo PMA trip so start working out!!!
01/21/2021 09:21PM
01/21/2021 07:31PM
Still here!

I finished hiking the Traditional Superior Hiking Trail last fall (NOBO), and plan to finish up the section from Hartley Nature Center to the Southern Terminus this year.

We went on 1 BWCA trip last year out of East Bearskin Lake (Alder/Johnson Falls), and a trip to Voyageurs National Park as well.

Excited for various trips planned this year, including a hopeful return to winter camping!

01/21/2021 11:27PM
Still enjoying the BWCA - Get to bring a buddy and his daughter this year (both rookies), another trip with my cousin, hoping to get to Knife and Kekekabic for the first time! Taking another shot at Eagle Mountain, hopefully it will be above 0 in May. Trying to get my wife to Cherry in July/Aug, and with luck, may try Stuart or Angleworm end of Sept/early Oct. Happy New year to all - may your dreams come true. Been trying to think of something profound to say, but can't think of anything!

01/22/2021 12:39PM
Good day
01/23/2021 02:38AM

Still around.
01/23/2021 04:31AM

Safe and happy paddling, camping and wilderness adventures to us all in 2021.

01/25/2021 06:36PM
Basspro69: "Pinetree: "Basspro69: "
Still around."

Still fish the mine pits by Crosby?"

Yes I do. Pinetree fished Yawkey, Pennington and Huntington this past fall.
Just love this area for the last 30 years. It’s amazing the trails and the access improvement they have made in the last few years. This is where I caught my biggest Minnesota Brookie that was close to the state record.

Wow, that is awesome and good colors on them. This last year they stocked lake trout in Pennington and Sagamore, also, and they are trying to put in a 20 inch minimum on the lake trout.

They did just this last few weeks put some big brook trout, rainbow and brown trout brood stock into the pits this last few weeks. Quite a bit of pressure thru the ice this last week, but quieting down now. I did not make it out. Yes, love that clear water.

One heck of a lot of fat bikes now even riding the trails this winter. That has just exploded. Nice to see a lot of young women and men riding there. I guess the local hospital business has picked up with bumps and bruises from the riders mishaps.

Take care.
01/25/2021 06:43PM
Bonvicken: "

Here! "

Beautiful fish!
01/25/2021 06:43PM
nctry: "Basspro69: "
Still around."

I’ve seen you somewhere... trying to remember.... "

01/27/2021 01:26PM

Cheers to all and the adventures that await!
Captn Tony
01/27/2021 11:22AM
Been really busy at work lately so haven’t been on the forum for a while. I’m back and planning my first winter trip!
01/28/2021 11:37AM
01/30/2021 06:30AM
Still here
01/28/2021 11:41AM
Still lurking in the shadows. Thanks Adam!
01/28/2021 01:08PM
Late, but still here.
01/29/2021 02:14PM

Loving family and the opportunity to be outdoors.
-Lake of the Woods fishing trip. Hot lure this year was a pink Stop Sign jig with a minnow head.
01/30/2021 05:55PM
martian here and accounted for...more or less.
Looking forward to EP50 with my 15 year old son June 7th-12th & EP14 solo the first week of October.
02/01/2021 12:20PM
I'm still here, too. Don't have much time to spend here or elsewhere on the internet, but love to check in every now and then.
02/01/2021 04:34PM
Basspro69: "Bonvicken: "

Here! "

Beautiful fish!"

Thanks! The only other fish I caught on that trip was a huge white sucker on a deep taildancer...foul hooked, of course. Thought I really had something!
02/04/2021 09:20PM
Late is better than never. Maybe.
I am still here.