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11/25/2018 12:00PM
Thanks Husky and Ducks!

And congrats again Ducks to your new addition. I've been in your shoes 17 years ago and would not have wanted to make that drive with a new born - trust me.
11/25/2018 11:55AM
congrats!!! I had to talk myself out of going to get one. If it would have been last year I wouldn't have blinked an eye. But this year.......... even a couple hundred dollars and leaving home for the day to drive to Ely and back with a 5 day old baby at home was out of the question ;)
11/25/2018 09:40AM
Thanks Bannock! Good to hear a positive review and thanks for the modification tips!
11/24/2018 07:51PM
I owned a P15 and took it to the BWCA. I loved it. Royalex. Lightweight. Good capacity. Paddled well. The only downside to it was the sliding yoke/ seat. I' d replace it with a fixed seat and a removable yoke. Nice purchase!
11/24/2018 01:24PM
In late summer we bought our first solo, PuffinGin's Magic. The whole family loves to paddle that boat and we spent the remainder of the season bringing the Magic back and forth between our cabin and home to maximize our outings (can't wait to try it out in the BWCA in the spring).

I was thinking it would be nice to have another, one at home and one up North, but it was going to be tough to afford another this year, until I saw Voyageur North's Black Friday Canoe sale posting in the classifieds. No, I couldn't swing the funds for their Magic, but they did have a couple of Penobscot 15' Solos for cheap.

I have no illusions that it will paddle like the Magic and it isn't going to win any beauty contests, but they have been renting it since 1992, so it must do ok as a tripping boat and it is always nice to have royalex boat for rocky trips.

Sorry to on and on, it's always exciting to add anther boat to the fleet!

P.S. - I think the other Penobscot 15' and the Magic are still for sale!
11/25/2018 10:15AM
Congratulations on the new boat. Sounds like a great addition to the fleet!