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06/16/2020 06:42AM
My idea: I'm not going to say it's a good idea yet. I was wondering if I could put a standard seat or wicker seat in the rear of the Wenonah Prism for when tripping with me and two dogs. My thought is I can place two 50# dogs and 50-60# of gear towards the front of the boat to balance and trim boat properly. I even thought to get rid of the sliding seat all together and put a removable standard seat or wicker type seat it it's place for when I'm carrying less weight.

Thanks in advance for your help.
06/16/2020 08:20AM
That sounds like quite a load for that boat.....2 50# dogs take up a lot of room...

06/16/2020 09:07AM
I have seen several outfitters set up Prism's as you describe. Cane seat to rear a bit and a carry thwart permanently installed, probably custom order from Wenonah to accommodate the outfitter. The weight capacity though is up to you to decide if it is sufficient. If you have not purchased a canoe yet consider the larger Encounter.