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02/06/2021 10:58AM
Mike, I wouldn't worry too much about snakes... the gators and suck-mud will get you long before you even see a water mocassin :) [just kiddin', sounds like a great trip and good to focus on stuff like that]
10/26/2020 12:26PM
Hey Wally, how are the new knees treating you? Are you a go for the mighty Mississippi in 2021?
10/25/2020 07:47PM
This is the latest video report by Backcountry Angling Ontario on You tube. I figured with how slow this forum has gotten it could use something like this. Hope you enjoy.

Leave Behind

10/26/2020 10:46AM
Thanks for posting Tom. Great photography. Really enjoyed High Falls and moose shots.
10/26/2020 09:04PM
Really enjoyed that one. Lots of really nice footage.
02/04/2021 05:51AM
Hey Wally13, let me know if you need any resupply support or anything. I’m not able to travel type paddle, but could possibly bring resupply stuff and camp with ya from time to time. In May housty9 is doing the border route hiking trail and I will be supporting him as he goes with resupplies and such.
This also would be a good time for others to paddle some beautiful sections of the upper Mississippi. (Depending how the skeeters are, haha... usually not too bad in August).
02/04/2021 09:10AM

Thanks for your offer on resupply and other support for my 2021 Mississippi River Trip. I am in the planning stage right now figuring out my "float plan". I am looking at campsites and resupply locations for food and water along the 2,300 mile route.

I am finding that there are many River Angels that offer resupply and shelter.

Once I settle on a departure date and my float plan is finalized I will hook up with you. It would be great to have a fellow paddler on the river in Minnesota.

Got you covered on mosquito protection. I am bringing a bug net to attach to my CCS tarp for skeeters and enjoying a evening cocktail after a day of paddling.

10/30/2020 10:19AM
Dan ... I joined Mississippi River Paddlers Group and the Mississippi River Angels Group on Facebook a couple of months ago.

Lots of helpful information out there from these 2 groups.
10/28/2020 05:31AM

Knees are doing pretty well.

I am planning on doing a Mississippi River trip from Source to Sea in 2021. Not sure on departure date but thinking of leaving Mississippi River headwaters @ Lake Itasca MN around August 20th and paddling to the Gulf.

I was planning on doing the Appalachian Trial, but doc said that I should not waste the life of my new titanium knees on a 2,200 mile trek.

Good trip for a retiree with new knees. It should be about a 70 to 90 day trip and 2,340 miles. St Louis is about 1/2 way and it gets very hot during the summer from St Louis to the Gulf. So a later start up north will give me some cooler daytime temps. Downside is lower water levels and speed.

The hardest part of the trip with a late August start is at the headwaters ... the Miss River flows north and it is very narrow, rocky, beaverdams, and very marshy in areas. Many paddlers have a tough time in the high grass, bogs and wild rice areas where it is very difficult to navigate due to limited sight and getting where you need to go.

Planning on using my 1996 Current Designs Solstice GT 17' 7" Kayak for the trip. It should serve me well being very aerodynamic and can handle big water and waves. Lake Winnibigosh can get very tough to cross at times and many Miss River paddlers have posted many stories about dealing with the waves coming from the many tow boats pushing big barges.

Since its looking like the Covid 19 pandemic will likely prevent entrance into Quetico for 2021 ... I think the timing for a 2021 Mississippi River is the ticket.

If any folks have paddled the Mississippi River and can offer up and recommendations for the trip please drop me an email.

Also, if anyone would like to join me on this adventure, let me know.

10/29/2020 06:44AM
Very cool Mike!! Sounds like it will be an adventure. Are you sending supplies ahead at certain locations? Where the heck do you camp?
10/30/2020 07:03AM
Well I know one thing - it sure is good to have a trip like this to distract you from all the craziness out there right now. You picked the perfect year for a long expedition. I want to start planning for 2021 trip but have no idea if I'm going to Canada or doing the BW again. If I have to do the BW I think I'll go the last 2 weeks of September and hope for some solitude. I normally do the first 2 weeks.
10/30/2020 07:09AM
I just want to add that the moose video in this video is stellar! Put the sound up because you can hear that big bull and the grunts he makes. I would love to experience something like that.
10/29/2020 11:27PM
Minnesota has many designated campsites along the Miss River. But it looks like islands, along the banks and Sandy river edges along the way. Some River Angels offer up lodging or camping on their property. There will be the occasional hotel room too.

Some folks advise sending some supplies to marinas or post offices along the way. I may do that.

In the research stage right now. I may post my trip in other general forum and ask subscribers that may have done the Miss River for recommendations.
10/30/2020 09:57AM
Mississippi river paddlers facebook page active group with river angels

12/26/2020 05:39PM
Tip for Wally13: Be vigil the further south you paddle. Impulse camping on islands and such you will bound to encounter cottonmouths/water moccasins. Hard to detect at a casual glance. They can be mean and badass although most will hurriedly slip away. My brother encountered such when paddling Atchafalaya Basin once. It was big and came at him because he brushed it with his paddle unintentionally. That was the last mistake this snake made. Hot as it will be, maybe consider leggings an item to pack. Mosquitoes will devour and frogs will serenade intensely when the moon is right. ;)
Best fortune and happy travels on your great adventure.
12/26/2020 06:11PM

Holy crap ! I can handle being around most of what nature throws at me except for “SNAKES” ... yikes. I can’t stand them. I think my fear came from when I was 10 years old as a Tenderfoot back in my home state of Connecticut. A best bud and fellow scout threw a big black snake on me as we were hiking on a trail. I was scared to death.

I have seen many copperheads when I was hiking on parts of the Appalachian Trail. And a few water snakes when paddling and lots of garter snakes up in Quetico... but I keep my distance.

I am taking the Atchafalaya River to the Gulf ... and I hope I never see a cottonmouth or water moccasin. I never even thought of bringing leggings.