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01/13/2021 01:19PM
There are 2 low head dams in Huntington and those are the only obstructions on the entire 503 miles of river. From the last low head to the confluence of the Ohio, it's 411 miles, making it the longest stretch of free flowing river east of the Mississippi.

I've been thinking about putting in at the head waters in Fort Recovery and doing the entire thing in 2 week span. A day of travel on each end would mean 40 mile days would do it. That would probably be tough for the first couple of days, but would be a lot easier downstream from Huntington.

The asian carp are everywhere on the Wabash now. My home river, the Eel in Cass County, has a dam upstream from the confluence in Logansport that stops them from ruining that river. The town of Logansport wants to remove the dam though. It would be a shame if they did.

Thanks for posting this.
05/19/2020 09:33PM
My paddle partners and I just returned this evening from a three day, two night 150 mile Wabash River canoe trip. It is wide and free flowing without obstruction from log jams that some smaller rivers have. There was a lot of free flowing logs and debris from recent rains and storms, I'm assuming. We also encountered a lot of Asian Carp jumping out of he water. One large carp even jumped over the canoe.

We put in at Terre Haute, Indiana and took out at Grayville, Illinois. We tent camped the first night at Hutsonville, Illinois right at the takeout boat ramp. The second night we camped in St. Francisville, Illinois again right at the takeout ramp.

It rained two of the three days but it was a great trip. The river was high and the current was fairly brisk. We saw two eagles nests and multiple mature and immature eagles. The few people we met were very nice and helpful. The several people in motor boats that we encountered were super respectful by slowing until we had passed.

If you get a chance it’s a fun river to paddle.