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07/22/2020 03:53PM

That site looks familiar! "

Yep, that's the camp site at the south end of Big Island Lake.
07/15/2020 07:04AM
Heading for a quick weekend trip early August. What area would you recommend visiting if you had three days? Both look interesting to me and what I would like to explore, looking for a wilderness experience with good campsites / exploring / fishing / maybe hiking.

07/15/2020 10:59AM
I can NOT recommend Big Island Wilderness any higher. I spent a week there last year in early June and the camp I stayed at hadn’t even been used yet that year. It is super clean, not over used and very little traffic. I only saw a couple people the whole week. I also like the fact that you’ll have a whole lake to yourself normally as there’s only one site per lake on most of them. Klondike Lake is my favorite.
07/15/2020 05:40PM
I've been to both and would lean to BILW. TF has motor traffic and is fairly big shallow water that can get pretty rough. Big Island Lake Wilderness has a nice remote feel with multiple lakes and camps. Fishing is fair... trout are stocked in _______... can't think of it.
07/15/2020 07:30PM
Neds and Twilight have trout. They do have some tough fishing regs. I’ve done well on the bass though.

07/18/2020 04:12PM
Big Island has smaller, more intimate lakes and no motor traffic. It's also about 1/4 mile portage from the parking lot to the canoe landing, which probably discourages some potential visitors. I've stayed there three times and have only seen one other party. It's one of my favorite little hidden gems.

07/18/2020 06:41PM

That site looks familiar!