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05/19/2017 06:02AM
As much as I love fly fishing up north from a fishing boat, I have little interest in it from a canoe, plus I'm a pretty Spartan canoe tripper and don't want to fool with the added gear. So no, no fly gear on either trip again this year.
05/19/2017 06:15AM
Do you take regular fishing gear? If so, hat is a lot more hassle than a fly rod in terms of weight and bulk.

Flyfishing from a canoe is excellent! You do have to manage casting and I think that is a challenge early on but the payoff is rewarding. If you can double (or single) haul you can have a trip of a lifetime with a single 8-wt rod and floating line. In June, you could probably fish all week with 12-18 flies if you wanted and no more tackle than would fit in your PFD.

Also, you must control the canoe more precisely than when regular fishing which can be a challenge if you have a newby partner in the front or if solo fishing. I have not done solo trips but if I did, I would flyfish only in calm water.
05/19/2017 10:35AM
Yes, planning a base camp/fly fishing trip for mid June with a friend from Oregon. We have a permit for Fall Lake for June 14. We will camp either on Pipestone Bay, or further north in the non-motor area. Anyone have any tips for that area ?

05/19/2017 11:14AM
I've never been to that particular area. Love basecampjng trips though.
05/30/2017 03:05PM
quote jeroldharter: "I've never been to that particular area. Love basecampjng trips though."

Heading out on a trip through wicksteed, darky, brent, conmee, and back through argo, crooked (or vice versa havent decided yet) on June 10. Will be basically fly fishing exclusively for all species. CANNOT WAIT. ill report back on success.

Ill also hopefully be going to New Orleans later this fall to sight fish Bull redfish on fly...

Just got back from a trip to western wisconsin to the Driftless for trout. Did super well.

Nothing else planned at this point but im sure ill have others.
05/17/2017 09:55PM
Anybody taking flyfishing trips this year?

For the first time in years, I am not taking a trip to Quetico. Instead I am going to Hawk Lake Lodge with a group of three others in early June. Then I am doing a fly in trip from Nestor Falls at the end of July - not my favorite time but the time available to me.

I think I am geared up with flies, leaders, tippet, and some new fly line. What are others doing?