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06/21/2018 08:00AM
I've haven't had any problems with 10 lb fluorocarbon.
06/21/2018 10:51AM
Just got into my gear - I use Rio Toothy Critter, Climax Pike Freshwater Leader and, Orvis Predator PolyLeader . There is also a product called Knot 2 Kinky. I understand it also works well, although, I have not tried it. Scientific Anglers also has a predator leader. Umpqua has a pike/muskie leader. Lots of options.
06/22/2018 07:15AM
I just use a 12" wire leader with the barrel swivel and snap like the gear guys do.
06/20/2018 10:55PM
I finally tried fly fishing last week. It was a blast. I lost at least 3 flies to northern just chomping them right off. The line wouldn’t even flutter for me, and I’d watch the northern clean me right off. It was fun and encouraging, but frustrating.

Do you guys use shock tippets when your fishing where there are Pike around? Is it generally enough just to use a heavier non-reinforced tippet?


05/12/2020 07:56PM
I think you will be disappointed with 10-lb fluoro...

Some people swear by heavy fluoro, e.g. 40+ lb. It works fine but it is bulky, it gets knicked and has to be re-tied, it does not go through the hook eye on smaller flies, it kills the action of smaller flies, and it can fail. I don't use it anymore.

I prefer wire. The lightest wire that works well with poppers and smaller flies is Surflon Micro-Supreme in 13 lb test. I have caught large pike and muskies without breakage and it is very knottable. Perfection loop to leader and non-slip loop knot to fly.

For larger flies, I use Knot 2 Kinky titanium wire with a perfection loop to leader and a Mustad Fastach clip to fly. This stuff is fantastic, never kinks. One leader will last the entire trip and changing flies requires no knots once you are rigged up.
06/23/2018 07:05AM