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Savage Voyageur
06/23/2013 10:56AM
Montana Nymph I wonder if this would work?
06/26/2013 06:41AM
quote Savage Voyageur: " Montana Nymph I wonder if this would work?"

Found it. Bitch Creek Nymph. Ordered more the other day. They work REALLY well for bass and bluegill!!! Give them a try!!!
06/12/2013 10:33AM
purchased these flies from Cabelas in an assortment and now I am having a very hard time locating more like them. Looked in the Cabelas catalog and can't find any quite like these and I am down to my very last one. This fly has been DEADLY on bass and bluegill here at home!! Anyone know where I can get some more of these?? I don't tie flies so tying these myself is out of the question. Need them in a BAD way LOL!!!!