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03/16/2019 09:12AM
still for sale with another price drop....$1100. Get a nice kevlar canoe before tripping season starts.
03/06/2019 03:34PM
I don't have a day off til the 14th. If you can come at night, I could do fri the 8th or tues the 12th. In case you didnt know, I'm in 20 min to Janesville.
09/16/2018 08:57PM
How do you order new stickers? I couldn't find where to do that on their website. Sorry to hijack. The SR Q 16 I bought last winter was debranded by the original owner and I think I want to put the stickers back on.
09/16/2018 09:21PM
I was just going to call up there. I need a end cap for another boat also.
09/16/2018 12:02PM
new pics on this page[gallery1]/2/ #3-#8. I plan to order new stickers from SR to put on.
01/11/2019 07:26PM
I love my Nova Craft Haida, but I periodically dream of switching to something "sleeker" like a SR W18. I'm not far away, and if I could afford another canoe I'd be all over it. I'd sell my Haida for the money, but I won't play a game of "can you wait until I find a buyer for my current boat?" I'm not fond of guys who play that game. Honestly surprised no one has bought it yet. Good luck!
02/20/2019 03:25PM
hi, cowdoc, how does this one compare to the MN II or even the MN3? I have someone coming up from St Louis, MO for 'Copia who is looking for a used MN3 for his family to camp out of. Four kids 13 yo and younger. Bob
03/30/2019 07:24PM
I'm interested in this canoe, please call or email me.
It looks like you live south of Madison, WI and I'm in Rochester, MN, but I am willing to make the drive.
01/09/2019 10:16AM
Bump and update of pics. Copia talk is starting to rumble......I'm only 35 minutes from there if somebody wants to stop down. Price drop to $1175

09/13/2018 08:10PM
2001 Souris River Wilderness 18. No patches, no dents/dings in the rails. I bought it used about 9 years ago and refinished it. Just refinished it again (2 coats of epoxy) . I also removed the seats/webbing and put 3 coats of spar on. I'll get new pics soon, but for now, I'll post the pics from the first refinish. Weight is 52 pounds including the yoke..........a Spring Creek portage yoke. Asking $1100. Madison area.

04/13/2019 09:27PM
03/17/2019 06:43AM
cowdoc: "still for sale with another price drop....$1100. Get a nice kevlar canoe before tripping season starts."

Doc, I need you to sell this canoe already. Please. I can't take it. I can't believe there isn't someone with the money to afford it that wants it as much as I do. Craziness.
03/04/2019 11:08PM
Just call them and order, was not expensive
03/04/2019 09:38AM
Bump for Canoecopia week. Respond here and I'll get in touch with you to see what we can work out next weekend. Good canoe at good price.
01/23/2019 07:25PM
Just to be clear, the Wilderness is a different beast from the SR Quetico series. This boat loves a big load and loves to travel. It does not like a single day pack and a day out fishing. It's a little tender when empty and sitting still. Great boat for long trips with lots of gear.
02/20/2019 04:48PM
Hey Bob! Very different boat than the Mn2-3 family. I would not recommend it for kids and camping. It likes 10 days worth of gear and then it performs well covering some miles.
02/20/2019 02:10PM
Canoecopia bump. I can't make Copia but I'm 35 minutes straight south of Madison. Let me know if you want to stop down and see it. Notice the price drop to $1175. Stored at a friends......need to know if I should bring it home for viewing.
03/30/2019 09:58PM
Hey Dave,
I'll try to call tomorrow. My weekend on call and never know where I'll be when. Just an FYI, I have tentative plans to be in Lacrosse on April 13th and I could bring it to there to save you some mileage.
10/18/2018 08:19PM
Hi - Is this still for sale, or did you get rid of it?

I'm in Sun Prairie.
10/18/2018 10:32PM
Still for sale. Was going to get it stored away for winter this weekend and try again next spring. I'm off this weekend and will be around in between duck hunts.
10/19/2018 06:53AM
608-558-1136. Give me a call if you want to stop down. I'm 35 minutes south of Alliant Energy Center
01/23/2019 04:26PM
I'm trying to convince my wife that this would be a good use of some of our tax refund...I'll let you know lol.
04/03/2019 02:16PM
sale pending
09/15/2018 02:04PM
Hi Phil, got a friend that's interested in your canoe. He will be in the Madison area next week on business and would like to check it out could you email me your contact information.

09/14/2018 06:58AM
Nice boat and good deal. I just can't consider one more while trying to downsize and relocate in a year or so.
01/09/2019 05:36PM
nice canoe for someone!
03/06/2019 12:13PM
I am interested, I live near Janesville. I would like to come take a look at it, when is a good time?
03/06/2019 03:46PM
sent you a p.m.
03/04/2019 10:30AM
How do you like the portage yoke? Can it really be used as a seat as well? Asking because I have a 2-seat canoe that needs to take a 9-year-old. I was told she could just sit on a pack and paddle, but still curious about that yoke style.
03/04/2019 03:31PM
For a kid, it's not bad. You need some type of canoe seat to span the 2 foam pads and hold things together. It sits too high for adults IMO and gets things top heavy and puts some stress on the side walls. My sons prefer it for portaging over traditional style pads on a fixed yoke. Some people like the style, some don't. It came with the canoe and I guess I never disliked it enough to change it out to a fixed yoke. I have another on a Mn2 that works a little better cuz it's not as deep of a canoe FYI.
09/15/2018 05:02PM
Will do.