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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Items For Sale or Wanted :: WTB: Solo or Soloable Tandem Canoe
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05/19/2020 03:11PM
I'd be willing to sell you my Blackhawk Combi 15.8 for $900. That's what I paid for it and I've given it some love and attention so it's in better shape than when I bought it. It has one small gelcoat chip on the stern and it has some healthy scratches on the bottom from the previous owner but it's all cosmetic. It's Kevlar and a very strong hull. I just don't use it and was thinking about touching it up and selling it. It's 50 pounds by spec and I've never weighed it but it feels like about 50 to me. The interior is as sweet as it looks in the pics. If you look at the specs you'll see that the waterline width is definitely on the narrow side for a tandem. It's the second Combi 15.8 I've owned, they are nice boats. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm in St Joseph Michigan and if you'd like to test paddle it you're welcome to pop down/over with your puppy and try it.

05/20/2020 12:53PM
Hey, thanks for the offer. Someone else responded though, and it sounds like we've got something else lined up.
05/19/2020 11:41AM
I'm looking for a solo or a tandem that can be paddled solo reasonably well.

I'm hoping to come in under 55 pounds or so and under $1300.

I'm a taller person and am planning to paddle with my medium sized dog, camping gear, etc., but I tend to pack pretty light.

I have some experience paddling tippy canoes but am hoping not to go too tippy with the dog.

I'm located in Wisconsin but willing to travel as responsibly as possible within reason.