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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Items For Sale or Wanted :: Souris River Quetico 17 Le Tigre -$750
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06/06/2020 05:28PM
MartyK: "Interested. PM'd."
Registers a user name and looks at a canoe for sale the same day.
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06/03/2020 07:51PM
I bought this used from an outfitter 7 years ago and used it on one trip per season and a few times locally. When purchased there were small cracks in the ribs so I patched them to keep them from getting any worse. They have been holding up well.

Last time I had this canoe in the water was summer 2018. The boulder river lived up to its name and I got hung up and cracked a rib on both sides. It was serviceable for the rest of the trip but did oil can, severely limiting speed and mobility. A Kevlar Fiberglass epoxy patch kit will have it good as new(ish). I would fix it up myself but with two kids under 4 at home I just don’t have the time and I wouldn’t get much use out of it.

Gunwales are scratched but straight. Original seats rotted out so I replaced with new a few years ago. Portage pads included. Really good at finding walleye honey holes.

Located in northwest metro. Priority will be given to whoever is willing to pick it up as I would hate to deliver it somewhere only for you to decide it’s not the one for you. I can throw in car top pads and cam straps if needed.

Patch Job:

Portage Pads

Exterior crack #1

Interior Crack #1


Exterior crack #2

Interior crack #2

06/06/2020 04:33PM
Interested. PM'd.