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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Items For Sale or Wanted :: 6 person Eureka tent
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01/23/2021 08:39PM
Is this tent still available?
01/26/2021 09:47AM
yes tent is still available, sorry for not getting back, busy w/ a project
01/26/2021 11:11AM
You don't have Private Message enabled. Please PM me with address and I will send check. You can ship it when it clears your bank.
01/26/2021 06:19PM
no thats about what they went for,if you got the outfitter series....the heavy floor

01/26/2021 04:47PM
I have the same tent or very similar and it is a good tent. I got mine over 20 years ago and paid almost $600.00 at the time. I may have had a sign on my forehead saying "sucker", but I have received good value from it over the years. The price you paid will prove to be a very good investment in your camping trips.
01/18/2021 03:54PM
That's a really great price on a tent that goes for something like $400 new (without the vestibule). Are you located in Minnesota?
01/18/2021 09:29PM
yes it is a great price , my wife and i used it for out west trips but now havent used it in a few yrs. so its just sitting waiting for a new home. i live by algona iowa

01/18/2021 09:32PM
ps . sorry for not getting back, painting and varnishing

01/17/2021 08:03AM
I have a Eureka Timberline 6 Outfitter tent in very good condition for sale. It has one small patch on the fly. Comes with one vestibule. $150 tyd lower 48