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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Items For Sale or Wanted :: 4 place Canoe Trailer for sale
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05/23/2022 07:57AM
Near Madison Wisconsin
05/22/2022 11:23PM
05/21/2022 11:58AM
Oh! Thank you so much for the correction. I will try to edit the original post.
05/21/2022 08:07AM
I have a four place Remackel trailer for sale. If you have never heard of them, check out the website . They make high quality galvanized trailers. Mine also has a receiver on the tongue to hold a bike rack.

A new one retails for $5,000. I am selling mine for $3,500.
05/21/2022 08:48AM
Very nice trailer! I'm not in the market right now, but noticed the link you posted to the mfg had a typo. This should work

05/21/2022 11:51AM
That’s a steal for that trailer. It’s got more uses than just hauling canoes