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05/14/2024 01:50PM
Still available? I'm at mertensra[at]
04/19/2024 12:03AM

Is this tarp still available. I have couple question if you could e-mail me at
04/01/2024 03:15PM
Used Cooke Custom Sewing 10'X12' Tundra Tarp made from 1.9 oz. rip-stop nylon. small tear near edge of red panel could use some TLC but it's usable as is )it's on the edge). Tie down loos all around the edge and scattered over the top on the seams allows a set up almost anywhere, even out in the open with trekking poles of wood pieces you can pick up on a beach or cut in the woods. Ideal for setting up a kitchen site in bear country away from the tent you'll sleep in. This keeps the food smells away from where you sleep. Highly adaptable. This size ideal for 1-4 people. Your imagination and needs is all that limits what you can do with this tarp. One person could even make a viable a frame shelter closed at one end ow both. Retails for $175. $75 + postage.