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07/14/2008 09:20AM
Sponsoring outfitters are now allowed to sell their used gear in this forum.
03/04/2008 07:03PM
Please be considerate to the community in your postings in this forum:

1) Buy and sell in this forum at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for how transactions turn out.

2) Please post gear/stuff related to canoeing and like outdoors activities. No posting guns or ammo, etc.

3) After an item is sold or no longer for sale please edit your post and let people know by using the sold feature by editing your orig post.

4) Commercial entities please don't post in here unless you have received prior approval.

5) We reserve the right to remove anything and don't expect us to take the time to give you a reason. :)

6) We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

7) Sponsoring outfitters can sell their used gear in this forum. Please list the gear you have for sale here.

8) Do not post links to a sale you are conducting elsewhere. If you are selling it here, then you need to maintain the ad.

9) Please do not post other people for sale items that you found on craigslist or facebook or other external ads that aren't yours. If you post a link to a craigslist had for something you are selling. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE AD ON THIS SITE. DO NOT TELL PEOPLE TO CHECK CRAIGSLIST TO SEE IF SOMETHING IS SOLD OR NOT.

A couple of points of etiquette:

1) If someone has posted before you looking for the exact same item, it is in good taste to suggest you are interested in the same but that please take care of the person(s) before me (listing their names).

2) Please let people know you have been taken care of so that others don't hesitate to post their interest in the same item.
03/05/2008 07:08AM
WOW thats the same rules my Wife has for me at home. LOL
02/10/2011 08:24PM

Topping this for people to read. This is for selling things you have or for requesting things you want.

Also read rule #5.
03/07/2008 04:23PM
Not my place to make a rule, but for the sake of etiquette

Do not bash another persons ad or nitpick about the price. If you want to make an offer do so. If not, don't waste the space.
03/07/2008 04:59PM
Not a rule, but a protocol as a suggestion. Start a new thread with a new item. The Items Wanted thread is getting crowded.
03/07/2008 04:54PM
Sounds like a good rule. The will be rule #7.
03/08/2008 08:44AM
Can I make some canoe camping related gear at home and offer it for sale on this site?
03/14/2008 07:59AM
At the bottom of your intial post do you have an edit button for your post? If you do click that and edit the posts title.

If not a moderator can do it for you. I assume it is for the packs you offered. If you do not have an edit button reply here and one of the moderators can edit it for you.
03/14/2008 08:06AM
I have changed it so someone should be able to change their own title.

Thanks for the heads up.
03/14/2008 02:53PM
Thanks for changing it, I could edit everything else except the subject. Well you already knew that, HAHA.

03/14/2008 12:43AM
How do I change the add to SOLD on the subject ?