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06/29/2019 06:32PM
We just paddled out last night. So here ya go. Crushed walleyes, they were staging off weed beds in the back bays. Shad raps, walleye divers all worked great. Purple tail dancers far out performed everything else. The back bay to the left of the portage on caribou was smoking for walleyes.
Smallies have not spawned we didn’t catch a smallie under 14 inches until our last 2 days. Points and islands on the down wind side held nice bass. Boo yah spinners in yellow with willow blades and gold Mepps spinners run across the rock rubble worked best. Nothing in the shallows or on the shore lines period!!! In the back bays where the water was warmer we did catch bass on skitter pops off of weed beds in the evening and on Tuesday when there was no sun and it was misty with zero sun light.
There ya go happy fishing
06/29/2019 08:34PM
Nice report. Sounds like you had some good fishing.
06/30/2019 07:57PM
Any other lakes?.....Gaskin, Meeds?
06/29/2019 11:09PM
06/30/2019 02:35AM
sounds like a great trip
06/30/2019 05:12PM
Zwater: "Pics?" for the fulfillment of us humans species , LOL
06/30/2019 01:01AM