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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Fishing Forum :: EP47 mid June - Best base camp lake for fishing novices?
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05/13/2020 06:37PM
Vista is great but Horseshoe ain't bad either. I'd keep Horseshoe as my #2. Great chance at seeing a moose and also you can day portage to Vista for more fishing. It is a short portage and can easily be done with just a canoe and fishing gear.
05/13/2020 12:39PM
I took the adult kids and a friend and his adult kid to EP26 Wood Lake last year and we caught a ton of fish. No one liked the long portages in or the one over to Good Lake even though I mentioned that the long portages offering no loop opportunities was probably why the fishing was so good.

Anyway, I had planned on EP47 last year but called an audible to Wood.

Horseshoe lake seems to get a lot of traffic, Caribou is not very far into the bdubs, Vista will be lucky to get a site...

And it is June 15th which could be spawn or post-spawn, and maybe a mayfly hatch..all depending on whether its an early spring or not.

What I am reading leads me to think maybe basecamp on Vista (first choice), then Gaskin, maybe Horseshoe if the right campsite is open.

Any thoughts on basecamp, mayfly hatch, early spring, etc.?
05/21/2020 10:06AM
Never had a problem finding camping on Horseshoe or Vista. There is a site on Vista that I love up on a hill on the West side. Beautiful view. I've never done well fishing on Vista--much more luck on Horseshoe and Caribou.

That said, Gaskin usually is a pretty busy lake when I've been there.

Just my experience--I'm sure it is the opposite for others! :)
05/21/2020 11:27AM
I will also be going into EP47 (next week), from the info I have gathered all three lakes can have some good fishing depending on who you ask. I am sure some also has to do with the timing.