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07/11/2020 09:48PM
Leading a group of 4 from East Bearskin to Crocodile in a week. However, since I have all of next week off of work, I have decided to go 2 days earlier than my buddies and stay at the campsite until they arrive. That means I get 2 days to fish by myself before our actual "boundary waters" trip.

I will have a small boat and will probably be fishing East Bearskin since I will be staying at that campground. My fishing skills, especially walleye fishing in mid-summer, are lacking. I am most comfortable either trolling a crankbait or bobber fishing with leeches. I fear none of these tactics will work in mid summer.

Here are my questions:

1) Is anyone specifically experienced in fishing East Bearskin in the middle of summer?

2) Does anyone have general tips for fishing mid summer? (I am assume deep water, dropoffs, early morning and dusk)

3) I will have a fish finder. What should I be looking for?

4) Should I drive my boat to a different lake to fish? I haven't heard great things about the fishing on East Bearskin. Obviously would need a public access.

I have heard great things about the walleye fishing on Crocodile, which is where I'll be staying once by buddies arrive. If anyone has any knowledge about that lake, I would happily take it as well.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

07/17/2020 09:00AM
East Bearskin isn’t very good as far as fishing is concerned. West Bearskin is much better. Aspen Lake is ok. Hungry Jack would be your best option.