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08/31/2020 03:55PM
Thanks Shock...

08/31/2020 10:30PM
yes the area outside that small entry bay ,
gull lake , below the rapids is great option for you too fly fish and the GF slip bobber fish. there are fish in there , guessing mostly smallies , but that would be fun on a fly rod.
walleyes , stay in contact with the bottom , jig and plastic , or trolling with deep divers , but i'm guessing that's not an option ?
lakers , you could get them down each side of 3mile , but the deeper west side is the best. a few on here like using larger bucktail jigs , not much trolling involved in that. tip with bait ( i always bring frozen sucker minnows) , use braid line.
or just slowly paddle around the island/ shoreline and cast spoons - minnow imitation type lures.
08/29/2020 06:02PM
is your girlfriend a fan of paddling ? if not stay close , the area outside the flowage area to gull lake may not be a bad option , some islands to stay protected from the wind .
if she's gung ho , go to the west side but one does need to be in tuned to the wind , can be a long journey back .
i've seen seagull go from piss calm to 3' roller just in the time paddling down 3mile , so if your inexperience stay close.
08/31/2020 10:50PM
some more advise in a couple postings below,
09/05/2020 06:18AM
Thanks again Shock. I appreciate your help. Tocole

09/05/2020 06:28PM
tocole: "Thanks again Shock. I appreciate your help. Tocole
anytime , best of luck , give a report when you get back ;)
08/31/2020 08:00PM
So Shock, how would you fish the area around the gull lake flowage? Do you have any more details about that area? There are a lot of islands. some of them have deep drop offs to 80 or 90 feet. One side 30 feet the other side 80. How should I fish this? I'm a fly fisher but know almost nothing about this kind of fishing. So different. My plan was to find the drop off and work my way up the water column. Jig and Twister or Jig and minnow from the bottom. Don't think walleye will be deeper than 30 feet or so even in deep water. Lake T might be at the bottom. yes or no? September but this year seems warm generally so that the first week of Sept will be like late summer with summer patterns this year. yes? Want to fish with Slips Bobbers because its easy for the girlfriend. As leeches are rare this time of year I'm thinking fatheads or nightcrawlers. Any advice? Again thanks for responding. T
08/29/2020 11:19AM
Folks, I am going to be on the northern/northeastern part of Seagull and want to my girlfriend fishing. She is new to the North Country. I'll be near the bay where Seagull Outfitters reside. I have a small canoe. Would like to target Walleye and/or Lake Trout. Any suggestions for locations or lures for the first week of September. There is a lot of deep water in this area down to 90ft or so. Will the Walleyes be holding at about 20 feet on structure or deeper? Slip bobbers with Nightcrawlers? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
09/03/2020 06:16AM
The past six years I have spent more than 80 days fishing seagull. Spring and fall. The west side of three mile island has been my favorite area. Shock has given you real good information.