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07/26/2021 09:34PM
That's covering a lot of ground in 4 days
Surprised you didn't pick up some pan fish and northern in the weeds.

07/26/2021 10:35AM
Update now as we returned from our trip yesterday. Hoist and Back Bay are full of weeds and water is very low. We portaged the motorboat to Pipestone and Jackfish and fishing was very slow. We portaged again back to the east side and fishing was non existent. Seems like it will be slow until after Labor Day my opinion.
07/19/2021 03:53PM
Heading in Thursday through Prairie Portage via overnight motor. Where should we start with finding smallies this time of year? We will have the kids and are interested in action over quality. I'm familiar with fishing reefs in July. Will smallies still be on the first break? Rocky drop offs? Any help would be appreciated!
07/19/2021 06:02PM
Also, will probably fish our way down the east side one day #1 and hit pipestone the rest of the trip. Any big panfish going in back bay this time of year or too late?
07/19/2021 11:54PM
Lotta questions here.
I thought overnite motor permits were issued on a Saturday, out before Saturday
Is your trip for 2 days?
How are you getting from Back Bay into Pipestone?

07/25/2021 11:08AM
Not sure I would take the time/effort to get into Pipestone. I went on an OM trip to Basswood in early June and Hoist Bay was full of smallmouth. We found a bunch of largemouth and bluegill in back bay, too. I would think between back bay and hoist you would be able to find plenty of willing fish...
07/20/2021 10:19AM
Going in Thursday and planning to come out Sunday. Have had an overnight permit since last January. Back bay to Pipestone there is a portage and will have portage wheels. Any info on the fishing?
07/25/2021 09:56AM
I've done the portage to Pipestone 3 times when I was in my 30's . Don't know if I could do it at my advanced age now. You will find smallmouth mornings and evenings,