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07/28/2021 09:38PM
Starting a week long trip at Seagull on 8/6. Would appreciate input on best areas, lures, time of day, methods, etc. for smallies. Thank you very much!
Savage Voyageur
07/29/2021 08:47AM
This time of year you want to use top water lures like Zara super spooks, whopper ploppers, PopR, hula poppers, jitterbug. Also don’t forget to try wacky worms and Mepps spinners.

For locations find rocky points, trees hanging down in the water, underwater rock walls and fish there.
08/03/2021 09:27AM
I use a Garmin Striker 4, pretty light weight except the battery. Also have seen others post here and FB that they use the same setup.
08/02/2021 02:03PM
a lot of down trees & shadows in the water on seagull , go into stealth mode & try ultra shallow too.
07/29/2021 05:16PM
My wife and I were there a couple of weeks ago. Ned Rigs outfished everything else, hands down. Fish it slowly and keep in contact with the bottom. We found some very productive reefs in the western end of the lake. A depth finder is invaluable.
07/29/2021 08:17PM
All great info and much appreciated. Suggestions on depth finder to use in the BWCA.
07/29/2021 08:16PM
Thank you very much. Love top water and using wacky plastic. For the plastic and mess what depth are they being found and are there specific colors that are winners?