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08/09/2021 08:25AM
I have not fished that lake in some time, but I remember catching a lot of walleyes and a few decent northerns. It’s not a deep lake so it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch fish.
08/09/2021 08:39AM
Thanks for the info. Sounds good.
08/03/2021 10:34AM
I’m heading into Angleworm Lake in September. I would like to get some info on the fishing in Angleworm and some of the other lakes in the area such as what species in which lakes would be our best bet. Any advice and experience is appreciated.
08/04/2021 10:24AM
Used to fish Angleworm as a kid. Always did shore fishing from the west side campsite areas. Sometimes decent, sometimes nothing. No experience with a canoe on that lake.
08/03/2021 01:15PM
Easiest place to find info about fish species/stocking/surveys in lakes is the MN DNR Lakefinder Tool. Here's the Link to Angleworm:

Angleworm DNR Survey

08/13/2021 11:16AM
Here is a topo map of Angleworm. 10 feet deep.

You can also portage into Home lake (60 rods) for better walleye fishing.