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08/20/2021 07:00AM
We are headed out next Monday for our first time BWCA trip. Headed from Lake 1-4, Hudson, to Insula. Would appreciate any direction in fishing Insula. Also any info on campsites, etc. I plan on taking my portable fish finder. Looking for smallmouth and walleye.

We are pretty excited to be able to go and all are first timers. There will be six of us.

Appreciate your time.


08/20/2021 07:23AM
You are going to love it.
I've never been to Insula, but it's on my list for sure. I have fished the BWCA for walleyes and bass in August scores of times. You will want to fish early in the morning and and at dusk for sure. Midday is worth a try, but your best bet is to take a nap.
Fish midlake structure. Look for humps on the map and then use the electronics. Drop an anchor and a leech and you should find walleyes and bass. If you notice any deep weed lines hit those up too.