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06/21/2022 06:22PM
We have been using the same tube except it is a larger diameter for the last few years. The one we use can hold up to 6 fishing rods and weights about 1 1/2 pounds. It has work great at protecting our rods.
06/22/2022 09:06AM
Thanks for the tip! Now I can go with my wife to Hobby Lobby and actually buy something instead of being just along for the ride....
06/22/2022 09:54AM
I guess everyone takes more expensive rod to BWCA than I do.

I run the rods under the thwarts, bungie them together with these:

I make sure that the handles and tips do not stick out of the canoe, then I portage the canoe with the rods in place. These bungies take up a lot less space and are one less thing rolling around in the canoe.
06/22/2022 10:09AM
foxfireniner: "I guess everyone takes more expensive rod to BWCA than I do.

A cheap broken rod in the BWCA is as useless as an expensive broken rod in the BWCA.
06/22/2022 11:29AM
We use large wire twist ties to attach out spare paddle to the rod holder when paddling and attach our other paddles when we portage. So we have our 2 to 3 packs, canoe and one bundle which is the rod holder with 3 paddles when portaging. Keeps things organized and we don't have any loose gear that can be left behind at the portage.
06/22/2022 10:01AM
Oh, and in the van on the way up, I stretch 550 cord from the grab handles in back and the clothes hooks in front and let my rods ride there. I bungie the tips together to reduce irritation.
06/22/2022 10:09AM
06/27/2022 09:30AM
SummerSkin: "foxfireniner: "I guess everyone takes more expensive rod to BWCA than I do.

A cheap broken rod in the BWCA is as useless as an expensive broken rod in the BWCA."

I don't break rods, even my cheap ones. But my cheap ones are cheap enough that I don't mind strapping them to the thwarts under gunwales. This is the perfect low-cost solution that has worked every time for me. But I would probably blanche at doing that to a beloved rod.

You should take repair rod tips and glue sticks with you just in case.
06/25/2022 08:09AM
Looks awesome. I just ordered something from Bass Pro, but may return for this instead. At $6 that’s nuts!
06/22/2022 01:53PM
This year I used a section of plastic downspout that I heated with a heat gun to bend slightly to match the sides of my canoe. Total length was < 48" - just enough to protect the upper guides and tips. The butt ends were bungeed to the rear seat. It worked very well, but really...just using a bungee to attach rod to a thwart or seat would work just fine, too. I was more concerned about times when we were removing or dropping portage bags in the canoe. A bit of care is all that's needed to protect rods. We did a trip in 2020 to the BWCA with a group of 6 - me plus 5 first-timers. We carries 13 rods and only my 3 made it home in one piece. Early this June we did 10 days in Quetico with 3 veterans and 1 newbie. 9 rods and they all came home as they left.

I now share with green adventurers my "glass rod of happiness" philosophy. Your fishing rod is a very delicate crystal rod. So long as you have it you will never be bored, have plenty eat, and have many tales to tell. For these reasons, you NEVER lay your rod down (Golden Rule #1). Rods are always to be leaned against a tree. If there is no tree near you, walk 10 feet (Golden Rule #2).

06/21/2022 11:25AM
This year I was scratching my head trying to think of something lightweight, durable, and inexpensive that could be repurposed as a rod tube. One of my relatives is an architect so I was thinking of one of those tubes they use to transport large architectural drawings. That search led me to find this item, available at your local Hobby Lobby:

Expandable Artwork Storage Tube

It's only $6 online, but I needed it in a pinch so I had to pay full price in the store. However even at $12 it was a great economical solution.

I have a couple of 4-piece travel rods. They both fit perfectly in the un-extended tube, but you could easily fit a 3-piece and maybe even a 2-piece (depending on size) by expanding the tube. I added a couple of pieces of foam into the bottom and top inside of the tube to prevent the ends of my rod from sliding into the hard ends of the tube.

It attached easily and perfectly to the canoe thwart with a bungee. Bonus was that I was able to cinch my map between the tube and the thwart to provide a secure hold while keeping it visible.

At 13oz this is about the lightest solution I've found yet for the money. Just thought I'd pass this along as it worked so well for me.