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01/09/2021 10:23AM
I used my Muck Wetlands in May 2019 and they were great. There was still about a foot of snow in many areas so having a semi-warm boot that was tall and water-proof was perfect! They were comfortable even on long and difficult portages.
01/08/2021 04:54PM
I use the Muck boot wetland version for my fall BWCA trips and fall/ early winter hunting.
I brought them with for end of Aug trip and they were a bit warm, but I did appreciate the boot on the longer portages.
01/08/2021 03:48PM
I’m wondering what you folks use for this style boot. I am a dairy farmer and wear them a lot more so in the winter. On my October solo last year I wore my reed glacier boots I had two problems with them one was they were heavy and the second was they were to hot this was my fault. I really liked having dry feet and have decided to continue to use them on future trips in place of hiking shoes. Next year I have 3 trips planned may, September,and another October trip. They don’t have to be as warm as my old reeds but I would like to have them to be lighter. Comfort, light weight, and traction are a must. They would also probably perform more than one task (work and play). Also has anyone used silicone caulk or any other products with success to patch small holes. Thank you for responses and happy planning
01/08/2021 04:31PM

El duderino,
I use the classic Muck Boot, the mens Artic Pro: Original Muck Boot Company

Good boot, has seen me through many canoe and winter trips. However, they are starting to wear apart and so based on the recommendation from another member on this forum, I am looking at getting a Dryshod Boot:
Dryshod Boots

01/16/2021 08:26PM
I have a pair of Arctic From Dry Shod and I love them.
01/08/2021 07:00PM
I too have used Muck Wetlands in October . I was surprised at how well they performed during long portages
01/08/2021 07:41PM
I've used Muck Boots for years (mostly the Woody Sport model) but have switched to Dryshod after my most recent Mucks failed (sole came free from boot) after just one year. The Dryshod seem a little more robust and sturdy- more supportive. I've only had them since fall so I don't know if they hold up any better.
01/09/2021 09:55AM
I tried Muck Wetlands in the store, side by side with LaCrosse Alpha Burly Pros and for me the LaCrosse boots were more comfortable (I like more arch support) and they have worked very well and have held up now for 3 years.

My wife and daughter have Muck Wetlands and really like them, so I don't think you can go wrong with either.
01/09/2021 01:24PM
Muck Wetlands here, but plan to try the Dryshod next to see if they offer more support. I had the Muck Edgewater before, and would stay away from those, as they offer poor traction on the rocks in canoe country, especially when wet or muddy.. I have been happy with the wetlands in the cooler months.
01/09/2021 04:39PM
Muck boots got sold to Honeywell, and their quality has suffered. More and more often I see premature failures, especially outsoles falling off of the boot. The original owner of Muck has since started a different boot company called Dryshod. I use their Haymakers (now called Overland).
01/11/2021 10:22AM
Thanks guys I have a tube of aquaseal coming can’t wait to have dry feet again
01/10/2021 03:49PM
I've use aquaseal to repair small holes and tears in a variety of gear and shoes/boots including Muck boots - works great!
01/10/2021 05:18PM
Wolfee: "I've use aquaseal to repair small holes and tears in a variety of gear and shoes/boots including Muck boots - works great! "

Just repaired my Bog boots with aquaseal a week ago. So far I am happy with the results. I have Bogs Blaze II, which are very comfortable and lightweight, but both developed flex cracks in the front shin area near where the boot flexes and different pieces of rubber are glued together.
01/17/2021 12:16AM
Aquaseal will do the trick!
01/17/2021 10:12AM
Thanks for responding. Aquaseal has been applied and I will be using the repaired boots for tomorrow’s chores thanks to all
01/09/2021 05:39PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve had bad luck with
Muck boots they just don’t hold up for the price. I will try dryshods hopefully I will have better luck. Has Anyone tried to repair a hole with anything. I have a pair of reeds with a small hole and I just can’t bring myself to toss them when there is nothing else wrong with them. I might try some aquaseal has anyone try this product?