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01/20/2021 06:55PM
Bought some today. What a saga. Like trying to buy a swim suit in October. I guess I should have known. I decided on the chains version. The Fleetfarm website said they were in stock at Brooklyn Park. The shelves were bare except for two pair of the XL size that I was looking for for myself. Nothing at all for my wife. Went over to REI intending to get her the Pro version. They had 2 pair of the XL and 3 pair of the large. She needs a small. Stopped at Dicks a block away. Nada, totally out. Stopped at the local ACE hardware store and was able to pick up a pair of the Pro in her size. Actually they had a good selection of both the Pro and the Walkers.
01/18/2021 02:54PM
I use Yak Trax and have for years! Love them! Use them when walking the dogs on slick roads and when shoveling. They are great!
01/20/2021 07:29PM
I ice fish a not really the hiking on packed, icy trails but sometimes I'm walking on glare ice on lakes and ponds. I started w/ yaktrax the basic ones. They're better than nothing but still slide around. Yes they made more aggressive ones but....if you're serious about ice traction look @ Kahtoola microspikes. I've had a set for almost 10 years and they still work great...I can run on glare ice if I wanted. Just don't walk on a floor you want to keep nice :)

It looks like REI sells them, I bought them online. I have size XL for my fairly large Baffin winter boots size 12. My wife has a size S or M for her boots. They're not cheap but they work, and will work for years. I honestly just leave them on my boots all winter, and leave them in my truck. I wear shoes to walk around in and drive and then when I get to where I'm fishing I'll swap to my boots w/ spikes already on them.
01/18/2021 02:03PM
Does anyone use these? Are they effective on ice or really more for packed snow?
The trails at the park we go to walk are total ice since the snow and rain last Thursday and Friday.

yaktrax pro

yaktrax walkers
01/18/2021 04:50PM
The reviews on REI are a bit mixed WRT durability. This has me a bit concerned or are some people just really hard on stuff or using it outside of the design conditions.
01/18/2021 04:10PM
My wife and I have been using Yaktrax Pro for the first time this season and they are awesome. We are now out walking trails that otherwise would be impossible to stand on due to icy conditions.

I purchased from REI for the excellent return policy if we snap one on a rock.

01/18/2021 06:25PM
I used to go thru a pair of yaktrax every year when I was running trails all winter. Fat biking solves that problem for me ;)

kahtoola microspikes are the bee’s knees for walking on ice, in my opinion and experience at least. they are more for boots than a running shoe. Amazing for ice fishing.
01/21/2021 10:52AM
For what it's worth, I'm in the micro-spikes category. Be they from Katoohla or Hillshound. I think both are better than the Yaktrax for gripping on ice. Both companies make a product that really bites into the ice or crusty snow.

That's all for now. Take care and until next well.

01/18/2021 06:05PM
In my experience they do not hold up on mixed surfaces. I run on rural roads and wanted a little extra traction for the many treacherous, but intermittent, slick spots. They worked great on the ice and packed snow. They seemed to accumulate and not shed slush. The dry blacktop wore them ragged quickly. I got them for Christmas and they were coming apart by spring.
01/18/2021 07:26PM
The Yaktrax are okay, my wife’s pair broke this year (2nd winter). We’d prefer a carbide stud style for biting into ice. YTs work well on icy packed snow but I feel as if I’m wearing them out quickly when walking on bare pavement.
The EXOSpikes cost more but look to be great for ice with the concave carbide tips like some fat tire studs.
On glare ice the YT aren’t perfect, but short of crampons what is perfect.
Good Luck!!!
01/19/2021 01:43PM
Thanks all.
Decisions decisions...
01/18/2021 07:42PM
I've used Yaktrax ever since I slipped on some black ice and ended up in surgery with a torn rotator cuff. I have used the Yaktrax Chains and the Yaktrax Diamond Grips. Both work well. While the Diamond Grips seem to provide better traction, the Chains are more durable. The cable that holds the diamond grippers broke on the one but I was able to fix it with stuff from Ace Hardware. The Chains are also a bit less expensive.
01/18/2021 08:03PM
Yes, I have used both. Neither one lasted a full season. They are a poor design. The rubber breaks on them. Look for a design with the full metal underneath as anything that touches the pavement like the rubber on YakTraks wears. We found inexpensive ones with the chains that will last longer at Fleet Farm.
Savage Voyageur
01/18/2021 09:23PM
I’ve had both of these listed and they don’t last a season. At first they are great, but they start to wear fast and then break. If you used them for just snow packed trails, they will be fine. As soon as you walk on pavement you start the wear process. I’m not saying not to but them, just be advised that they won’t last as long as you think they should.
01/19/2021 07:18AM
I use them for running on Minnesota’s “plowed” walking trails. The trails are about 80% packed snow and ice with occasional 50’-100’ stretches of bare pavement where the sun hits just right to melt down the snow or the trail crosses a street.

I have only been using them for four weeks but they have made a big difference on the enjoyment of my runs this winter. I have tried a couple runs without them to compare and those runs were slip ‘n’ slide, miserable experiences.

The durability issues many have mentioned I can’t speak to yet but so far they are working well for me. No sign of wear where they contact the ground.

But another context...a good pair of running shoes costs me about $120. I consistently go through 2 or 3 pairs a year with my current running mileage. A pair of Yaktrax cost $20. If they only last one season I still think they are a good investment. If they break halfway through the winter season than I may feel differently.