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05/09/2022 08:55AM
The NWR radio is weather only. I believe there are 3 areas that broadcast near the BWCA; Ely, Gunflint Lake and Grand Marais. My weather radio also has regular stations and I can usually pick up a local station for music. I have never been able to find a Twins game while in the BWCA.
05/09/2022 11:59AM
Menards sells a small one for $20 am/fm ,weather and a flashlight, I believe it’s branded as a Midland I cannot attest to its range though.
Savage Voyageur
05/06/2022 10:56AM
I have a small pocket radio made by CCrain. I can get AM channels pretty good at night. I’ve listened to many twins, brewers, and a few Viking games too.
05/08/2022 02:40AM
Another Sangean DT-400W here.
05/06/2022 12:55PM
I have a Sangean DT-200X and a Sangean SR-35. I would rather have a C Crane, but those are more expensive. The Sangean DT-200X has very good sound through earphones but I find it doesn't pick up many stations or hold them. The sound on the SR-35 isn't quite as good but at least it holds stations. I really like to have a radio on fall nights when the sun sets early and you wonder what you're going to do for the next 12 hours. One Caveat: a radio can drown out sounds in the night that maybe you should be hearing . . . Same for camping next to a loud stream.
05/16/2022 09:07PM
Does the Sangean DT-400W have an AC adapter for use around home?
05/08/2022 11:17AM
The Scorpion works well for its primary purpose as a weather radio. I do not and would not rely on it as a power source to charge other electronics.
It’s been on 4 solo trips to the BWCA with me so far…
05/08/2022 11:01AM
Scorpion Emergency Radio by Eton
05/18/2022 06:10PM
Awesome. Will be looking into each of these. Shame a Twins game is a bit much, maybe I'll stick with something simple then.

Mods on this site seem a little tight? Was changing the title of this post really necessary? lol
05/06/2022 06:59AM
Yes I have a Sangean DT-400W AM/FM Digital Weather Alert Pocket Radio. I pick one or 2 stations while in the BW
05/06/2022 02:46AM
Admittedly a stupid question, but...

Do weather radios have more than just weather channels for radio stations?

I'd like to add a small, packable radio for my upcoming trip later this month. Weather forecast certainly the main idea behind it, but I sure wouldn't mind picking up the end of a Twins game a few of the nights as I tuck into bed either.

Any recommendations?
05/06/2022 10:13AM
I've never had a weather radio, per se, but we use a small shortwave radio (like 6" X 4" X 1.5") that we purchased in Andorra in the mid-90s. It even has a dial instead of digital. It has served as our weather radio because we could receive either WELY or WTIP. Now that WELY is shutting down, I'm not sure what we'll do.

But the shortwave is fun...I remember listening to the end of a Twins game one time while camped on South Temperence. Another time, on a solo, I heard Gordon Lightfoot's Canadian Railroad Trilogy on an obscure Canadian station. That was cool...but I digress...

My point is that a shortwave will likely offer you what you need.