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05/26/2022 10:04PM
If I had no indoor options for a nice canoe, I’d probably go for one of these.
05/25/2022 12:49PM
I protect my canoe(s) by applying 303 Protectant 2-3 times per year.

In the past I used a woven poly material (black outer/ silver inner) that was sewn at both ends as a cover for the canoes. Minnesota ll & Spirit ll. Over time the kevlar darkened somewhat but not nearly as much as the uncovered canoes I have seen.

I have used a Danuu canoe cover for several years. Danuu claims that because their cover is breathable that moisture buildup will not discolour the canoe.

I currently own a Quetico 17 in woven red kevlar with epoxy.

If you do not have a garage or closed in storage facility what do others do to protect their canoes?

Several sources have suggested that covering the canoe can result in discolouration due to moisture buildup.

What is the best way to protect the canoe and maintain the exterior of the canoe?
05/28/2022 10:45PM
I’ve got a Red Leaf cover for our tandem sea kayak. Very nicely made and Jeremy was great to work with. I’m thinking of getting a canoe coat for a solo I keep on a rack at our harbor. The cheaper cover I bought is ripping. It will be great to have a custom cover that fits better and is durable. They know their stuff.