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05/30/2022 03:59PM
That barrel looks identical to my 30 liter barrel that I ordered from Harmony online. My understanding is Harmony, Recreational Barrelworks, and US Plastics are just resellers and most or all these barrels are made my Mauser, a German company. You can check out the products on their website with detailed specifications if you like. Harmony and Recreational target outdoor enthusiasts, so perhaps pad their margins more. US plastics customers are probably more likely to be using them to ship bulk pharmaceuticals or laundry detergent or nacho cheese flavoring to taco shops.
05/30/2022 07:02PM
US plastics is an hour from my house…..the 60 liter from them is identical to the 60 liters from the other vendors you mentioned…..the 30 liter is a little different in that it has molded handles as opposed to the flip out black plastic handles….the us plastic prices jumped considerably in the last year….

05/30/2022 08:38PM
Thanks for the feedback everyone
05/30/2022 12:13PM
Looks the same to me.

05/30/2022 08:52AM
Do any of you know if there is any difference in quality or functionality of the 60 liter barrels purchased through, say Piragis or Recreation Barrel Works, versus one purchased through US Plastics? Here is the US plastics link.
US Plastics Link

They look basically the same, but the US Plastics one is quite a bit cheaper (though out of stock now). Thanks.