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03/06/2023 09:55AM
Just a heads-up. There's a Nemo Bugout Elite 7x7 in new condition on ebay.

Nemo Bugout Elite

Long ago discontinued. Really does weigh just over two pounds packed. Somebody buy this before I'm tempted to get a second one as a backup

03/06/2023 11:03AM
Yes Eureka makes a great shelter. I also have the nobugzone CT11 (and a CT13, and a nemo bugout 12x12, and a sea to summit double box net, in addition to the bugout elite - help me). It's heavier duty and larger than the little bugout, 3 lbs 13 oz w/o guylines. My example of the bugout elite with guylines and hardware weighs 2 lbs 3 oz and packs much smaller than the CT11, perfect for fast and light solo. You could conceivably cram 2 people under it if they were on intimate terms with each other, otherwise the bigger would be better.

03/06/2023 10:31AM
Several years ago I tried to locate a 7x7 Nemo Bugout but I was unable to find one so I purchased the 9x9 Bugout. I took it on several trips until I switched to freestanding screen shelters.

The Eureka NoBugZone 7x9 is now available and may be worth cross shopping.