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10/05/2023 11:27AM
Yeah well, I took it on 2 more trips, not in BW, because I did apply a waterproof spray to the rainfly, figured it was worth a shot, no joy. Still leaked like a sieve and had to cover the tent with a tarp.
09/30/2023 11:45AM
Thanks for the heads up and it’s a great reminder to test my tents out before a trip especially if it hasn’t been used for a while.

Our Taj 3 is older than yours and it kept me and the little bear cub dry in an all night rain in July at the Baker Lake campground. I remember laying there when the storm hit thinking “I should have tested this out before the trip and I hope it keeps us dry”. Luckily it did.

I’m not sure if it’s always felt different, but I did think the fly definitely feels different to the touch than the MSR Elixir tent I use for solo trips.

Sorry you found out that way and hopefully it didn’t ruin the trip.
09/30/2023 09:31AM
As Tomcat said- it is essential to store them completely dry and in a cool place.

I have also had laminates delaminate, some just due to age and some due to storage in a damp basement. Live and learn.

I always make it a point to set up the chosen tent (I have too many, but that new one would sure fill a particular niche...) and check it out before a trip unless I used it last week for another trip. A good gear check saves a lot of hassle in the long run.
10/04/2023 08:10AM
Love my Taj 3....bought it right here. We'll check it out. Thanks!
10/03/2023 05:48PM
Uh ok, I bought that pos tent on his recommendation. Bad move. Have since moved on to a tent that actually works. Like keeps the water outside the tent and off my stuff.
10/04/2023 06:15AM
Uh ok… it didn’t work after the 1st trip so you took it on two more?


09/28/2023 12:55PM
We just found out, while on a trip, that the coating on the fly has degraded and our tent was a leaky sieve.

It was 12 years old.

I've had other tents far longer than that with no leaking issues.

It felt slightly tacky; dunno if that's the degraded feeling or how it felt when it still worked...
09/28/2023 02:52PM
Bummer to find out on the trip. Thanks for the reminder. I have a Nemo Losi 3P I should test before I use it again. Tacky feeling... ick.
09/28/2023 03:07PM
I do have a Taj-3 tent that I have not set up in a while. I should take it out before winter and check on that. Thanks!
09/28/2023 03:19PM
The PU coating commonly used on the rain-fly and floor of tents can become degraded . Moisture and temperature can compromise PU coatings resulting in material that is sticky and does not smell good. In order to extend the useful life of such tents it is essential to store them completely dry and in a cool place.
10/03/2023 10:29AM
I bought a Taj 3 on a recommendation here after my beloved Timberlite 3 got a stuck zipper and it leaked like a sieve. I spent 3 days on the Island River sleeping in my rain suit cuz all my stuff was soaked and the sun wasn't saying hi. It also failed me on 2 other trips after that, had to cover the tent with a tarp to keep the puddles out. Tried the waterproofing spray etc. no joy. That tent is crap and I have since moved on.
10/03/2023 12:06PM
I used to suspect that Kanoes was on the Taj 3 payroll.

Too bad he’s not here to chime in on this. It would have made for some interesting discussion.
10/03/2023 11:41AM
Sorry a little off topic. But a had a Taj 3. The zipper failed after one use. No big deal REI has a great return policy, I had just bought the tent right before the trip.

Bring it back to exchange as I liked the tent... the customer service person exchanged it then said I owed $50...I was a little taken a back...why? "You bought it on sale and it is $50 more now" I replied I am pretty sure that is not how an "exchange" works but they insisted. I wasn't in the mood to put up a fight and the tent failed so I just got my money back and moved on...

I know that the customer service person was wrong, that isn't their policy...but now flash forward 15 all worked out. I used that money for a Big Agnes and moved on. No hard feelings did me a favor :)


10/06/2023 08:18PM
amhacker22: "Uh ok… it didn’t work after the 1st trip so you took it on two more?



Geez…was thinking the same thing, but now you are rubbing salt in the wound :)

I get it Scat…trying to make it work out…but it does sound funny too.