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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum :: Trip Planning Forum :: Canoe to Pine Lake portage question
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01/06/2021 01:52PM
Yes, you can leave the canoe at the beginning of the portage. Yes, it's long, at least 3/4 mile. Some ups and downs, some switchbacks.
01/06/2021 09:20PM
No need to take your canoe across. Just before you get to Pine, you should see the spur trail. Make sure to see upper set of Falls also.
01/06/2021 12:17PM
You can get to the falls from that portage. No need to carry the canoe over and back.
01/06/2021 12:00PM
If I were to stay on Canoe or Alder Lake, I would head up to Johnson Falls at some point or two. It is a very long portage from Canoe to Pine. Do I need to bring my canoe to Pine lake to get to Johnson Falls, or can you go directly to the falls from that portage?
01/06/2021 12:19PM
I recall a trail from the portage to the falls.

also in the area, but others will have to give location, is the ruins of a cabin.